maybe we shouldn't blame adults for everything.

i don't think the thing about adults knowing what's "in" (or not in) has anything to do with the adult, really. what i mean is, we have been molded by today's technology. we have access to the world, and we constantly learn about everything as it happens. we're not really trying. sometimes we come across things or our friends' statuses come up on our timeline, and we're suddenly aware of something new. whether it be a new band, clothing style, whatever. we know what's going on because we "follow" people who have information about those things.

and the thing about adults is they don't always follow the same thing (or people) we follow. they're not always aware of what we know because that's not what their newsfeed is giving them. not to say they're not interested - we don't know that. they know different things, not just because of experience, but because of the people they spend time with. the people they pay attention to. it's a cycle of the generations. when they were our age, i bet they knew tons about the up-and-coming bands and style and whatnot. the technology they used was different, but it's initially the same thing. so when you're upset that an adult doesn't know about or understand something you like, know that 1) whatever form of media they use to acquire information may not replicate yours {ie: twitter vs newspaper} and 2) there is a time and season for everything. maybe their season in life doesn't revolve around the arctic monkeys. and that's okay. 

please understand that when it comes to adults relating, they have likely gone through the same things as you. it just came in a different package. for example, when they were our age, they didn't have internet or cell phones. things like bullying were probably done on a more face-to-face basis. a lot of people communicated exclusively by telephone, things like that. what they had wasn't as instant as what we have. so if, say, you're getting hateful messages from a nameless, faceless person, they may know how that feels but they won't know what it feels like in that format. 

there are a lot of things adults do that i don't like, and i think that may partially come from the label "adult," and what we've recreated it to mean nowadays. i'm still what's more commonly known as a "teenager," so i can't explain it all. i don't know it all. i'm just trying to say that it's different for people in all walks of life. and adults or not, maybe we shouldn't blame people for everything. because we're people, too.

i just felt like that needed to be said.
-kiss kiss kiss, mother of dragons-


  1. :) and honestly, there's a lot adults could teach us. if we could just learn to listen.

  2. i like this. this is nice.


sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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