things about my blog that i miss.

i just got back from spending a good week and a half at camp and since then i've been really bored. like listening to my music without headphones slouching in my chair bored. and for some reason, all these old things i used to like came to mind. like film photography and cool summer evenings and cupcakes. and i was like "omg whatever happened to cupcakes," like "cupcakes were half my passion for this blog" and "i really miss baking, i think i'll look up some cool cupcake recipes." so i came across my all time favourite cupcake site again, and i got really hungry. and a little sad. and i started listening to the music i was obsessed with in 2013, like a fine frenzy and whatnot. and i remembered how much i wanted to make cool lil short videos and how i used to read kinfolk and how i LOVED making food and wanted to be a bestselling author and things like that. but mostly, i missed cupcakes. eating them. seeing them in person, making them from scratch. i missed having that sort of creativity pulse through my veins as if that was all i lived for. so i went through all her blog posts from like now to 2013 and savoured every single picture. and i remembered my old self as though i never left. this is probably weird and creepy and probably doesn't make any sense, but. next week i'm going to see my grandparents for the 4th and i think i'm going to make cupcakes while i'm there. or at least a cake. maybe this post is more about things about myself that i miss rather than things about my blog, but i should make more of an effort to bring these things back. because not everything deserves to die, right?

- kiss kiss kiss, vocalise -
{pea ess: all pictures from her site, duh.}
{pea pea ess: to the girl who sent me an email with two secrets that she turned into four wayy back in 2013, you're next.
i haven't forgotten about you. i love you. i'm sorry. you're next.}


  1. I feel that way sometimes, like I miss the old me and the stuff she was interested in. It's funny how we change. I hope you have a fantastically nostalgic time baking those delicious cupcakes x

    The Life of Little Me

  2. It's amazing when I look back to 2013, or even 2014. I have drastically changed. Awhile ago I came across old playlists I made when I was 14. I listened to them all day and realized I still liked those songs.
    While it's true we all change and become different people over time, it is important to remember who we were.
    I've missed your posts, Jocee! I can't wait to see more cupcakes around here. :)


sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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