a choleric girl's ponderings: this is all about my mom. i'm sanguine. PENGUIN!! lol, that was random

This post is about my mom, you know, she has the Clair Huxtable personality. 
I asked her what she would say to y'all and she says: "Jocee, make me some tea." Technically that wasn't directed to you, but I'll take it. Oh, by the way *yells* mommy the tea is almost ready!!! 
So, I still call my mom "mommy" because she'll always be my mommy. And she doesn't really like to be called mother, but I do when I'm excited. Just out of habit. Before I go on, if you don't know what "choleric" means, it's a personality. It means "straight forward, decisive, confident (kinda), etc."
So, for awhile I've been trying to teach her about my celebrities (names, you know) so she can know who they are when I say their name.
FOR EXAMPLE: She knows who Lady Gaga is because of her meat dress. How revolting. But it works! (by the way, I REFUSE to put of pic of that on here. It's gross. Really, Gaga?)

So, she knows who the Narnia characters are, because I talk about them too much. 
p.s. Don't tell me Peter isn't gorgeous. I give Caspian points for his gorgeous, thick accent. WHICH THEY GOT RID OF IN THE THIRD MOVIE!!
Anyway, I freaked out when William Moseley (Peter) was on the Teen Choice Awards last year. As in, screamed, got in trouble with my sister, and so on. I even started dancing on the counter. But then I found out he's gonna be in this "romance" movie with Emma Roberts. Great publicity, but if Emma gets anywhere NEAR him I'm going to make her into a meat dress. Okay, not really, I just really like lightsabers!

Second: My American Girl dolls. You know, the historical but fictional dolls that were reallyreally cool? You better know. I have five. Nellie, Felicity, Addy, Samantha and Emily. I love them all. Felicity and Samantha are my faves, though. Anyway, she doesn't know them as well as the Narnia cast, and wow. I've had them for awhile.
Lol, so that's all I got today!! Comment and tell me what you think!! And, LOOK AT THESE!! (this has nothing to do with my mom)



  1. I have to disagree, Ben Barnes is better looking than William Moseley. I have one question though, have you seen recent pictures of William Moseley? His hair is way long, it looks terrible! I used to think William Moseley was attractive, but um... not anymore.

  2. I love that your mom is like Claire Huxtable! That's so frikkin sweet :)
    And ha, my little sister just got Kit, the American Girl doll, for Christmas, and she looooves her so much. My grandfather (who's a carpenter) made her the most beautiful bed for Kit! Sometime I'll blog about it just so you can see, haha ;D It seems like you'd appreciate it! :D
    And while Peter is indeed, gorgeous, I just don't know, girl, I lean towards the Caspian side of things a bit! ;) I mean, he's just so...*sigh* indescribable.

    ~Lauren :)

  3. Riah, at times I agree with you. And, yes, I've seen Will's hair recently. *sticks tongue out* I'm going to make him cut it. But he's doing a new movie soon so he might not have a choice!! Yay haha lol okay I'm done.

    Lauren, yes, my mom is hilarious. I still kinda some American Girl dolls, I don't care how old I am I still love 'em!
    Well, atleast you think Peter is gorgeous. I agree about Caspian, too though. But still, Peter's mine! Lol we'll have to have a discussion JUST about Narnia one day :P
    -Jocee <3

  4. Oh my goodness. I am laughing non-stop now. American Girl Dolls sound cool. XD


sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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