*clears throat* SHOPPING!!!!!!!!!!! *in a serious London Tipton voice*

As you can see by the title, I went SHOPPING!!!!! today. And I NEVER go shopping. Because my mom just hates it, and my dad...uhhh nevermind about my dad. And I can't drive. Yet. Actually my mom said that when I can drive, she may not let me go anywhere. That's what happens when you strike up a conversation with my mom after eight 'o' clock. (But then again, I don't wanna drive that much, because then, I'd have to wake up at 5:15am and drive myself to swim practice every summer. Moving swiftly along, that was so random.)
So today my bestest friend EVER came over (okay, one of my bestest EVER friends because I have more than one) and we went to the Domain, that's in a part of Austin. It's like a city in a city. Like a mini Beverly Hills, except chihuahuas are scarce. Seriously, like, not kidding. 
I got a ton of money for my 14th birthday, and I haven't spent any of it. (Until today, of course) So, the Domain has a gorgeous store called "Forever 21" and if you haven't heard of it, *ahem, cough* wow. Just, wow. 
So we went inside, and my main focus was rings (How many times have I said "so" in this post?). In case you don't know (oh yeah...you don't...oops) I LOVE rings. Alot. As in, real rings. Or real-looking. I can't wait for my engagement ring, and alot of the rings I have look incredibly real. Anyway, so we get to Forever 21, and they don't have any of the rings I'm looking for. Okay, they do, but I have monster size hands, and COULDN'T FIT ANY OF THE RINGS. ugh. So, I got four necklaces that are GORGEOUS for an amazing price, instead. And a new wallet. My other one is breaking...bad. 
We took lots of pictures (on her camera, and I can't post them because she hasn't sent them to me yet, but I'll post them later...hopefully, no promises) and went to Brookstone massage company and spent an hour lying in massage chairs. *vibrating noise* That feels...soooooooooooooo guudddddddddddd. Then we went to the Apple Store and played with the rockin' awesome iPad (I want it, just so you know), Juicy Couture, and my FAVORITE jewelry store EVER, Tiffany & Co. Why I love it, you ask? (That sounded so Yoda) Because, it's....pretty..and...I'm a girl..and..Audrey Hepburn made a movie with it...and...I don't have any really good reasons, sorry. 
So since I don't have any pictures (for now), imagine me and my mom and best friend walking down the Domain with like...three bags. 

Cute, right!! Right!! Then we came home and picked out what I was wearing to church tomorrow (she took pictures of that, too). So, yeah, I had a great day, and thank you mommy!!

-Jocee <3
P.S. My mom wants to know why girls wear short shorts and boots. It was 50-something degrees today. She thinks they must be cold. Does anyone have an answer to this? Thank you!! 
(All pictures are property of other websites. Sadly, I don't own them.)


  1. "Like a mini Beverly Hills, except chihuahuas are scarce." Okay, that sentence just made my day, no joke!!
    I loved this post; you're so adorably hilarious, haha!! Oh, and girls do that because they're weather-confused, and think they look cool, when actually, they just look reallyyy kinda...stupid :o
    I hope you don't dress like that in the cold, because if you do, I probably just offended you! Sorry if I did :P Hahaa

    ~Lauren :)

  2. Lauren, I'm glad you liked this post!! The chihuahuas are scarce, though, let me tell you. And I'm not offended about the short shorts, etc. I've swam in 18 degree weather (in Texas, too!) and though today was warm, I should hopefully know better by now, haha. Besides that, my mom, being Clair Huxtable's twin, wouldn't see me dead or alive in shorts that short. It's funny. Haha
    -Jocee <3


sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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