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Okay, so this is the "really cool" post I told y'all to check out in my last post. It's not that cool, but I thought it would be something fun to blog about.
So, since I live in Texas, I have this little tradition: around every year...maybe around the time fall starts I ask God if it will snow. I mean really snow. I mean atleast 2 inches that will stay for a few days. Because I love the cold (and sometimes I want swim practice to get cancelled) Well...we get chance after chance of snow, cold weather, freezing rain, and no snow, but at the time where I least expect it, it snows. And sticks..for about a day...two if we're lucky. But the things is, God gives you the desires of your heart. Yeah, snow is a desire of mine. Especially since Texas weather has the tendency to be extremely hot. Well, actually, it can be 60 degrees one day, and 25 the next. It happened last week. I think we should change Texas from the "Lone Star State", to the "Bi-Polar State". Seriously. The weather here is weird. 
But, I get snow every year!! Thank you, Daddy God! xooxxxooxooxooxxoooxxoxoxo

Oh, and I found this really cute picture of wintery themed cupcakes...cool, right?!?

-Jocee <3
P.S. I have a question. After the White Witch's reign ended, and all the snow melted..or something like that...what I'm trying to say is: can it still snow in Narnia without the Witch's spell? I know I know, being such a big Narnia fan I should know, and unless I didn't catch it in the stories, can someone tell me?? Thank you much :P (Yes, that was incredibly random)
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