dear blogger world,

I am typing this on an iPad 2 at the Apple Store in the Domain. {which is like a city-within-a-city [shopping outlet]} I'm with my bestie friend Jincy and my mom and sister Joy.

This is bliss.

I'm not coming home ever again.

That is all.
{random picture}


  1. Haha. I love Apple.


  2. I'm typing this on my iPod o.o
    XD I liked your post. So how big is that mall?

  3. Haha, my family has an iPad2, and it rocks! :) Though it's kinda hard to blog on it, I still need to get used to that.

  4. *snickers* I love doing stuff like this at apple stores!!! But, please, come home---we would miss you if you stayed at the Apple store forever.

  5. Appleee...love! Haha I really just want an itouch but the iPads are cool :)

  6. Woooohoo! I can't wait to get an iPad, one day. *sigh* lol. I love the music that plays on here, very cool :)

  7. Hi there!

    I've just started to read your blog and I already feel like your my friend! I get the warmest and nicest feeling by reading your blog.

    You remind me of Stargirl, character from Jerry Spinellis book Stargirl. :> It's my favorite book alltime! And you remind also this band Owl city (do you listen it?) I just feel the same good spirit in both.

    (By now I have to tell you that english isn't my first language, I'm from Finland, so forgive me my mistakes :p)

    I just got the feeling that I HAVE to write you, because you felt like the kind of person that I wanna be. Somehow I feel like that those people who believe in God are peaceful and their spirit is so warm. I would like to BELIEVE but I can't force myself... I definitely believe in something, but I'm not so sure is it God... (Don't judge me, please)

    I would like to know how do you do it? How can you feel so optimistic ja genuinely happy, just in your writings..? I'm happy, I'm optimistic, but I don't know how to make other people happy, just like you do... I am also VERY oversensitive ja nervous of MANY things, so maybe they hold me back... At least the nervous thing, cause I have never thought that being oversensitive is a bad thing... (Yes, I cry, like, ALL THE TIME, but I also smile and laugh a lotlotLOT!

    And by the way, may I say that your future husband is very goodlooking ;)

    Thanks if you take time to read my comment, I'm huge fan of yours now... :D

  8. hahaha! yeah I wonder if they would mind if I came in every day and used their nice computers and iPads ;)


sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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