the sweetest thing

sweet pleasing to the mind or feelings
{my definition}:
  • a random cupcake on a Tuesday afternoon 
  • making a new playlist with all my favorite songs
  • calico and masking tape flags
  • polka dots
  • lampposts
But the sweetest thing? Well, this morning when I went to check my email & blogger & such, I got this lovely comment from one of my newest followers, Miss Em {I hope she doesn't mind if I show you all}:

Hi there!
I've just started to read your blog and I already feel like your my friend! I get the warmest and nicest feeling by reading your blog. You remind me of Stargirl, character from Jerry Spinellis book Stargirl. :> It's my favorite book alltime! And you remind also this band Owl city (do you listen it?) I just feel the same good spirit in both. (By now I have to tell you that english isn't my first language, I'm from Finland, so forgive me my mistakes :p) I just got the feeling that I HAVE to write you, because you felt like the kind of person that I wanna be. Somehow I feel like that those people who believe in God are peaceful and their spirit is so warm. I would like to BELIEVE but I can't force myself... I definitely believe in something, but I'm not so sure is it God... (Don't judge me, please) I would like to know how do you do it? How can you feel so optimistic ja genuinely happy, just in your writings..? I'm happy, I'm optimistic, but I don't know how to make other people happy, just like you do... I am also VERY oversensitive ja nervous of MANY things, so maybe they hold me back... At least the nervous thing, cause I have never thought that being oversensitive is a bad thing... (Yes, I cry, like, ALL THE TIME, but I also smile and laugh a lotlotLOT! And by the way, may I say that your future husband is very goodlooking ;) Thanks if you take time to read my comment, I'm huge fan of yours now... :D

Well, Miss Em, I thought I'd respond to you with a whole post. And let me say, this is the sweetest comment I've ever received. Ever. 
Honestly? This morning I was feeling a little down and upset {for a very petty reason, so I'm not going to say what it was} and then I read what you wrote, and my day just brightened. Completely. Now, I've read one book by Jerry Spinelli, so to be honest I haven't heard of Stargirl. And yes, I listen to Owl City. They're one of my favorite bands :D And being from Finland sounds so cool!! I was wondering what the language was on your blog ;) 
And don't worry, girl, I won't judge you one bit. Believing in God, the one true God is the best thing that's ever happened to me and I don't regret it one bit. Of course, take your time. It's a life altering decision, but believe me, the decision is for the better. 
How am I so consistently optimistic in my writings? Hmm.. well, it's part of my personality, I mean, when someone is feeling low, whether I know them or not, I say "smile" and they do. I don't know if it helps, but atleast I tried. You made me realize what this entire blog is about. I was thinking that Cupcake Dictionary was too random and that I didn't really have anything permanent that I blogged about. But I found out that I write this blog to make people happy. I don't want anyone to be sad, and I know I can't everyone in the world happy at one time, but you know, spread happiness one person at a time, and you can do things you couldn't even dream of.  
The downside to me is that I'm oversensitive, too. Don't worry, you're not the only one. I over-analyze things {mostly my swimming} and it gets to my head and therefore I don't perform as well as I know I could have. I remember when I was at camp a few weeks ago. These girls in my dorm always looked at me like my ears were on my feet. I think they thought of me as too loud and talkative. It's just how I am. I cried a little, but I chose to forgive and forget and put a smile of my face anyway. It pays off. Really, it does. 
And I laugh alot, too. Last night I had three pieces of cake and two glasses of punch and I was bouncing off walls! Literally!! 
And one more thing, Miss Em: God loves you. Like, alot. And I put all the emphasis in the universe on "alot". I can't even fathom on how much he loves me, and he loves you just as equally. 
And God loves each and every one of you guys who are reading this post. 
I wish you all a cupcake, a dictionary, and a hug. Why? Because cupcakes are sweet to the taste, dictionaries are sweet {and pretty legit} to the mind, and hugs are sweet and warming to the heart :)) <3


  1. I think everyone in the world has to love you, jocee! :)And wants to be like you

  2. Oh, that is so sweet <3. But so true. You do have this optimistic energy in your posts, and they always manage to make me smile :D
    Keep blogging!
    Love, Bethany

  3. Hey Jocee, wow that is one awesome email! :) And I love that last end part to your post, it made me smile! See, there you go, spreading happiness already!

  4. That is so incredibly sweet!!!!! <3

  5. Jocee,
    I consider your blog a blessing, honestly. You always write something that puts a smile on my face or makes me laugh. Keep it up, girlie! <3


  6. Aww!<3 And I wish you a cinnamon roll, a big fluffy quilt, and a really funny fantasy novel.

  7. Jocee...I get the same vibe too. This is just a really welcoming blog and I love reading your posts!!

  8. JOCEE JOCEE JOCEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! guess what? William Moseley finally attended an event just recently, and his hair is shorter!!!!!!!


    has the pix!!!! he looks soooo old, i barely recognized him. craziness. well, just thot you'd wanna know. ttul


  9. MANDA!!! He cut his hair?!!?!!??!?!?!?!! OH MY GOODNESS! That is so extremely awesome!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D He looked really...gross.

  10. Thanks for you answer Jocee! =)
    My words came from my heart. (And the coolest thing happened when I now write this... Your music playlist started playing Yirumas Kiss The Rain<3) You just gotta love Yiruma, right? :)
    (Oh and because of you my tiny new unfinished blog had got some peeks from North America and Canada... :>
    (And something about Jerry Spinelli: I don't know but I think you would like Stragirl. It is a childrens book, but still...(and I was kid when I first read it, but it's still my alltime favorite.) I would like to read other books from mr. Spinelli, but because Finland is a small country they don't even publish all the great books in here.
    But thank you that you exist and that you write and just that you be there to brighten my (And many others)days =)


sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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