the desire to be...

Crafty. After seeing this guest post over at Carlotta's blog, I felt this sudden churn in my stomach. I had this sudden need to be crafty. Not the sneaky type of crafty, of course, but the need to create things, and lately I haven't been doing it. Other than the fact that I may not have all the supplies for creating at the moment, I just can't sit around and do nothing when all my friends are figuring out ways to excel at their passion. You know? 

By the way, if you guys have found any DIY craft tutorial type-thingys, let me know and link me :) 
Vintage. Okay, so maybe crafty and vintage go hand-in-hand, you know? But ever since I've been opened up to the universe of blogging, vintage has been a new favorite in my life. Everywhere I turn I see people with antique handbags or retro shoes, and you know...I can't help but wanna be like that. Hopefully by the end of this summer I'll have redecorated my room to look like a complete and utter vintage haven. My complete and utter vintage haven, that is :)
Oceanistic/Nautical. I just love the ocean. I love the wooden helms and the anchors and the treasure chests..and stripes. I love stripes. But Sam Puckett doesn't. I think it has to do with the fact that she has a record...anyway. I'm going to get myself some nautical jewelry soon. :D And then maybe go whale watching or something. And then maybe stand on a rock in Maine while wearing a striped hat. 
Lovely. "delightful for beauty, harmony, or grace" Oh, c'mon! Who doesn't want to be lovely? There are so many lovable things in the world...why not? 
Atleast once in most every {girl's"} life, they have the desire to be all of these things. I know I do. 
What do you have the desire to be?


  1. its like you stole my mind or something...
    oh how ii wish to be so many things...
    lovely and vintage are just one on the list...*sigh*
    :) love the pictures though Jocee :)

    now can you give me my thoughts back?

  2. You might want to check this site out....I totally lose myself here.

  3. Oh my bologna! I have these random urges to be crafty, too! It makes me want to get out the paints, the yarn, the construction paper...and sometimes (most of the time) my crafts turn out as utter failures :)! Oh well, it was fun to make ☺.

  4. There are some tutorials here:

  5. Ah yes. Exactly how I feel right now too. Inspired. And I love all those styles too! I think I'll go attempt to be creative now. :)

    p.s. lovely blog, I'm definetly following =)

  6. p.p.s. ohmygoodness I love Peter Pevensie too. *air high five*

  7. Cuuuuute post! :) I love vintage, too, and blogging has definitely made me fall in love with it. Hehe. Ohhh, and isn't Carlotta's blog UH-MAZING. I'm soooo in love with it right now. ;)
    In Christ, Kim.

  8. Once you find a craft you want to do, check youtube for tutorials because I find it's easier than text and pictures! :)

  9. Crafty crafty crafty crafty.... :)

    I know exactly how that feels. I do way too much random crafting, its amazing how little things can be decorated! Right now, on my blog, I've been writing alot about DIY decorating my bedroom. :)


sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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