california outtakes, take two {and take six}

so this is day two of my california outtakes. and for those of you who say peter pan is yours, you're referring to the cartoon version. mr. live-action-real-life peter pan is mine. and all. mine. and i am not afraid to dispose of you if you say different. and another thing, this doesn't mean that peter pevensie is free. touch him by accident and i will still dispose of you. same goes for alex pettyfer. gotta' protect the backups! 
okay, i should start now. 
At the HOTEL in Cali, Disneyland. Lounging before going to the pool. That's right, a hotel. Aunt Mary surprised me last night with a hotel reservation at the Grand Californian for one night. Which means extra perks = MORE FUN STUFF!! Aunt Mary announced that it was my first time at Disneyland and in Cali, so basically it's my California/Disneyland birthday. They gave me balloons and a special birthday pin and I've gotten about a million happy birthdays from the workers AND Peter Pan {who is *totally* cute, by the way} and Mary Poppins and a chimney sweep. The first ride we went on was the Indiana Jones Adventure, and it was totally scary. But totally worth it. And then we went to the Jungle Cruise. Would you consider me blonde if I said I thought the animals were going to be real? 
The Pirates of the Caribbean ride was spectacular. For the record, I have no clue how they do it. It's magic. And then we went to the Haunted Mansion. A ghost sat on my lap. I kicked him, but I don't think he noticed. Since we're staying at the hotel, we get these special fast passes. Basically, you get to cut to the front of the line. We used one of our passes on the Star Tours ride {it's based off of Star Wars}. And can I just say one thing: WARPING. IS. BEAST. 
For dinner, we ate at Ralph Brennan's Jazz kitchen, which serves Cajun food. I had New York steak with Pommes Frites {first person who tells me what this is WITHOUT googling it get's to tag along with Peter Pan and I to Neverland!} with a special topping: garlic, parsley, and Parmesan cheese. I ordered it well done but it came out medium well and super moist which was even better! We ordered the Key Lime Pie for dessert, and it was my "birthday" I got special New Orleans Beignet on the house. Google it. 
Since we stayed on the Concierge floor, they had a big book of Disney Dvd's for rent. But by the we got back, the Dvd's were all put away so Uncle Q & I went to Tomorrowland and rode the Finding Nemo ride, which is underwater. It you want me to get into specifics, we were in a submarine. It's not like *actually*( went scuba diving. 
Oh! I forgot to tell you guys: I went to get ice cream with Aunt Mary at this parlor called "Gibson Girls". It was on Main Street Disney -or something like that- and everytime we walked by there, it smelled like lovely in ice cream form. I got Nestle Tollhouse Cookie Swirl, and she got Mint Chocolate Chip. There's sweet shops everywhere and it smells like lovely in cupcake form. 
We saw some fireworks, and we even saw one that turned into a shooting star. I bet you I think I know what you think I wished for! But...you don't. Guess. I dare you. 
This is Peter Pan, by the way. Isn't he just darling? Yes, yes he is. And you can't have him. So go find your own Disney boy. Yes, yes I said it. Now, if you'll excuse me, how about that trip to Neverland, Peter?


  1. AHHHH! That sounds so awesome!
    I'll be honest, I have no idea what pomme fries are.
    And yes, Peter Pan is amazing.
    But, since he's yours -sigh-

  2. Peter pan was mine months ago, love. You're stealing my man!
    But it's okay. Because the live action Flynn Rider is pretty freaking hot to. (you should google him if you didn't have the joy of getting to meet him on your trip)

  3. AHHHH! He's so CUTE!!! (And no, I do not mean the little boy. ;)

  4. How fun! The food there sounds totally amazing. :)

    I guess that you wished for a better relationship with Jesus Christ. :)

  5. I just got from Disneyland too and am already missing it. Isn't it one of the most wonderful most magical places???

    Glad to hear you had a fun time. And yes, fast passes are AWESOME! :D

    Happy belated birthday by the way. *smile*

  6. I used to have the biggest. Flipping. Crush. on Peter Pan when I was little - any version of him. I guess it's still there, something that connects me to my childhood. Aww...
    Oh and by the way, anyone can get fast passes. You don't have to stay in a hotel.
    Glad you had fun! Disneyworld (or land, I went to Florida so yeah...) rocks.
    --Love MCat

  7. You can have Peter..Just don't touch my Mad Hatter. Hear?

  8. I don't see what you guys see in him...

    But sounds like you had a lot of fun, Jocee :-).

  9. So jealous you went on the Nemo ride! Nemo is like one of my FAVE movies ever to quote ;) My sisters and I will randomly say "I'm going to go touch the butt!"
    Grr I should've staked my clain on Peter Pan earlier! I am obsessed with Neverland hehehe

  10. Oh wowie, that all sounds AH-MAZING!!! I just read your previous post and it is wetting my appetite to travel to Cali. My mom and I are thinking about flying there allll the way from NC for my 16th birthday next year. We've got to look at price and all the nitty gritty details first though.

    Sooo..when is the wedding for you and Peter? I'd love to be perhaps a bridesmaid. ;-)

  11. i love how your two 'boys' are both named Peter. What's up with that?!?!!? lol

    and i totally don't want Peter Pan!

  12. I love, Love, LOVE beignets!! I just simply love them. I've been to Disney World, Florida, not Disney Land. I loved Disney world. I was there for a week! BTW: Snow White's Prince Charming was way hot. We got pictures with him and her... ahhhh ;) You can have Peter Pan! (What's with you and Peters? ;)

  13. WHOA! Me = so jealous right now. No wait, I got that wrong! Incase you didn't know, me and Peter Pan are engaged at the moment so get your hands off! ;)
    pee ess (i stoll ur thing :p) i went there earlier this year and am already missing it!
    --Sara Beth

  14. Sounds amazing! Havetogettheretoo!

    BTW Pommes Frites are french fries in swedish =)
    Learned it on the first (or was it second?) swedish course.

    When shall we leave to Neverland? :)


sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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