california outtakes, take three {and take seven}

so far i have 15 songs on my brand new hot pink iPod shuffle. i don't know what to name her. this is a crisis!! of course, it's a her, because it'd be rather awkward to dub something hot pink as a guy, don't you think? you know...it's not like i'm going to name it peter pan, or something. it'd have to be red or green for me to do that. anyone like the name 'amanda'?
okay. and now for day three of my california outtakes. 
Woke up at around 8am today. Had Blueberry Scones and hot chocolate for breakfast, and then we packed up and checked up before going to Disneyland again. We went on the ride where you flew over California. You'd have to ride it to understand.{they pumped in fragrance, too!! mmm, I can still smell the oranges and pepperminty salty smell....*sigh*} Then, we went on a roller coaster. Yes, an actual roller coaster. {You might remember this post}The California Screamin' if you want to get into specifics. And yes, I screamed. My throat is sore. At the very top of the ride I yelled "get me off!!" Yeah. I got off. The hard way. The ride starts really slow, and then you stop. And then they start up again at this totally-uncalled-for-random-moment at around...I'd say 80mph. I'm probably exaggerating. Most likely. But you know, after I got off...and stopped hyperventilating...I was okay. I kinda like it. 
Went on the ferris wheel and saw a mini water show, then we went on Star Tours again {WARPING. IS. BEAST.} and started to head out. We bought Minnie Mouse ears and cookie cutters for Joy, and we went to Sephora and sprayed on some Tocca and Marc Jacobs perfume, since they have one at their Downtown Disney section. Then lunch. Ralph Brennan's again, except it was a jazz express. 
We took a wrong turn on the way home and rove through Toluca Lake {which SHOULD be near wherever William Moseley is...he's very good at hiding in particular places that I SHOULD know about but I don't. I hope he's not seeing Miley Cyrus. Or anyone, for that matter. Wait. Where did THAT come from?!!?} Anyway, we saw alot of studios, Steve Carrell's house, and I saw Miley Cyrus's gate. And fence post. We stopped by Trader Joe's and got some food for tonight's concert, and I saw my first celebrity. Except I didn't know who he was, so it didn't count. Now I'm back at the house, drinking Strawberry Lemonade and waiting for Uncle Q to pick up Grace. 
Hung out at the house for a little while. Had a soda and did a mini photoshoot in the backyard. Dipped my toes in the pool. Took a shower and dressed. I smell like Citrus. Grace is going to lick my legs. 
We're bringing the Canon so we can take some photos before the concert starts. We just stopped for ice. Great opportunity to get a snapshot of my nails. And this journal. 
There are alot of billboards here. Wow, Brad Pitt is huge!! Apparently In-N-Out burger makes special burgers without salt for dogs. Um...who knew?
At the Hollywood Bowl. The LA Philharmonic Orchestra is warming up. I ate my clue turkey sandwhich, and now I'm eating mini babybell cheese, and about to eat my vegan chocolate chip cookies.We decided not to tour Hollywood today, we'll do it tomorrow, I guess. Pretty sure a guy behind us is an actor. He's cute, so.... 
The concert started. They're doing a montage of movies, even playing snippits of scores that John Williams didn't write. *sigh* I love Titanic, don't you? It's so sad though. Hence the *sigh*. 
OMG JOHN WILLIAMS IS TALKING!!!! He did a special thing where they played a scene on the tv screens without music, and now he's playing the scene again, with the appropriate music played by the orchestra. This man is legend, I tell you. Legend!!
Whoa. 2,500 lightsabers just turned on. Star Wars is playing, and there are Darth Vaders and Obi-Wan Kenobi's dancing in the aisles. Aww!! Is that a baby Wookie?? 
The concert was BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously, each song broke my heart, then it fell on the floor and broke some more, and I pieced it back together so it could get broken again in the next song. *sigh* Wow, I really want to be a composer when I grow up. I know this is what I want to do. Yay. My life is complete. 
Back at the house, now. Finished watching the movie "Marmaduke" and now I'm talking to my friend before I go to bed. Today was the best day of my life. Nighty-night. 
and that was take three of my california outtakes. i'm going to dress-up like audrey hepburn now. ta-ta!! or toodles. it doesn't matter :P


  1. sounds like your trip was simply sensational. <3

  2. I happen to like the name Amanda a lot. : )

    Your adventure sound like such fun. : )

  3. I think you should name your ipod Charlie. I don't know why, but that's the first name that pooped into my head. :)

    And the John Williams concert sounds incredible! I wish I could have been there. :)
    And girl you rock! Go for your dream as a composer!!! I wish you all the luck in the world! :)

    big hugs!! xxxx~Kelsey

  4. Amanda is a good name.. I have a suggestion, Victoria?

  5. Sounds like you had a blast at the John Williams concert. ;) Glad you had fun!

    Amanda sounds like a nice name for an ipod. I say go for it! :)

    Here's my outtakes post for Day 7:

  6. I like the name Amanda but I think a guy ame would be hilarious for your ipod ;)

  7. YES, YES, DEFINITLEY YES! The name Amanda is totally the best!!! And also, hot pink happens to be my fave color..... so yup!

    Love ya,

  8. I think maybe you should name her Rose, since it's French for pink. Or maybe Fushia.. but I prefer Rose... Or better yet Amanda Rose... I like that... Of course I like Amanda too... Ugh, I'm rambling!


sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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