~guest post~ dear jocee, i am sorry for your loss. sincerly, me.

hey, hannah here :)  i was so jazzed (still am) that Jocee decided to lemme post today. i was like, snap crackle pop i'm gonna be poting on Jocee's blog.
but then i had an oh-to famous epiphany
(this would be an oh-to lovely time to getta cupcake and a dictionary to  find out what "epiphany" means...) which was--
what am i gonna post?
i mean, seriously, this girl post anything and everything.  but, for those of you who read my blog, i watched prince caspian for the first-erest time ever, and, well,
sorry Jocee.

honestly, its not your fault you fell in love with this bee-a-you-tee-ful face....

and i would really love to say we could share him....
but we already invited Aslan to the wedding.
sorry ;)
(you can have Caspian)
he isnt peter material, but he isnt too bad, wouldnt ya say?

seriously, this movie was the best and now i am obsessed. (hey, i rhymed...:) i loved it. simply loved it.
so yes. i invite each and everyone of you to our glorious wedding. you can be our bridesmaides. along with Lucy and Suzanne. (oh. and you can bring Caspian Jocee dear.)

what better way to start a week of guest posting then by crashing a wedding?
(dont answer that.)
ta-ta! ;)

yours truly-hannah. the Jesus-loving, gummy bear snacking-sport-childish/creative-dancing in the rain ninja that owns a wardrobe leading to Narnia.
(and my peter)
feel free to check out my blog!


  1. Good! And to anyone else, hands off my Edmund!

  2. LOVE. Haha!!!
    --Love MCat

  3. Oh wow, Hannah!!!! You rock. Then, can I have Edmund/Skandar??? Pretty please?? Thanks. :)


  4. Jocee's gunna kill you, Hannah, dear. Jus sayin'.

    Cute post:)

  5. Uh, I don't want to see what Jocee's gonna do to you! But, hey... I think the Caspian character is better and suter anyway, so I think she's getting the better deal!

  6. Haha! I'm personally staying out of the whole Narnia guy thing :D But that was hilarious, I'm reading Prince Caspian and now I feel like watching the movie.

  7. Ooooh....Jocee is gonna get your behind! lol

    Love the post anyway.

  8. Alaw and Amanda: Hands off, Skandar's mine. KIDDING he's absolutely adorable, but he's also an atheist... so yeah... :D
    --Love MCat

  9. I have to agree with you on Peter, Hannah, he is too cu-tah! :D

  10. Sorry to break it to ya but we all know Peter is Jocee's! so sorry dear! ;)

    cute post though!

    much love♥


sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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