california outtakes, take four {and take eight}

i think sometime ago i ask you guys if you wanted me to share a quote i kinda made up about Mr. Darcy from "Pride & Prejudice". i owe you that quote, don't i? okay, well, i'll get to it soon :)) 
i'm going to save the rambling and prattling on for later, so we can save ya'll some time and confusion. anywho, here we go:
Woke up at 5:45am again to Grace's barking. Thus, Uncle Q took her outside and walked her and she was fed her breakfast. We're going to the Farmer's Market to pick up some berries for the yogurt parfaits we're having for breakfast. Bringing the big DSLR camera with us so I can get some shots and videos of all the lovely foods and flowers. Wow, it feels really nice outside. Aunt Mary said she invited her friend Paria to come to the polo match with us after we're done eating. I've heard alot about Aunt Mary's friends, now I *finally* get to meet one. Swweeet. 
Ohmygoodnessgracious look at these berries!! So sweet and so plump and so beautiful. Took a few {more like a million} shots of them. The lighting outside is beautiful. We got some blackberries, yellow raspberries, and these special rare golden raspberries for out yogurt and granola parfait. The golden raspberries are really hard to grow, hence the "rare" part. Getting some heirloom tomatoes for Tomato Caprese Salad tonight, and some broccoli and Brussels sprouts. They are just so pretty! Took a few shots. 
We stopped by this booth called Homeboy Bakery {or something like that} and got a load of this really good Cranberry and Red Wine bread. Don't worry, all the alcohol is cooked out. Otherwise, I wouldn't eat it. The baker says it tastes really good with turkey sandwiches. Guess what else we're having for dinner!! Got some really good San Fransisco sourdough bread, too, and then we went to the mushroom booth. Wow. Really, really cool. I didn't even know they had all these kinds of mushrooms!! They have this special one called a "lobster mushroom". The funny thing is, it SMELLS like seafood. Particularly lobster, so we got one. It was pretty expensive, so Aunt Mary says it *better* be good. We're making it with shallots tonight for dinner, too! I know, we're having alot of things for dinner already, but still! Yum! {hence the phrase: ohmylobstermushroomswithsautedshallots. phrase free for using :D}
We're home now. Made our lovely-happy-yummy parfaits {I might have to give you guys the recipe} and ate them. SO. ohmyredvelvetcupcakeswithcreamcheeseyicing. GOOD. Now I'm ready for the polo match! Wearing this *Adorable* pink and blue flowered romper from Forever21, and my wedged Hawaii-style heels to match. Going to a state park for the match. Yippee! 
I don't think Paria's going to make it to the Polo match. But she can still come over tonight, yay!!! Grace is licking my legs again. Apparently I taste good :D :P
Brought water and our vegan chocolate-chip cookies to the match. Yum-yum-yummy, in my tummy!! The match is good. You're on horses and you have to hit a ball through the goal. Apparently Prince William plays polo. Google it. Had a mini tour of this old house-type-thing, and now we're headed to the beach in Malibu. Drank all our water. I'm hungry.
We ate at the Reel Inn, and GUESS WHO I SAW?!?? Reese Witherspoon!! I was very calm and cool and collected {hey, three 'c' words! I could win Stationary!!} and she said hi to me! I feel so special. She won an Oscar, you know :D 
At the beach. The water is very cold, but not so cold as I thought there are alot of rocks. Uncle Q is taking lots and lots of pictures. We were going to go to this market that all the celebrities go to, but it was closed. Darn. Now, we're headed back to the house. It's a really really really long drive back. Good thing I have a home & gardens magazine to keep me company. 
I have no idea where we are. There are alot of hills and mountains and vineyards. I don't want to fall off anything. 
Stopped by Whole Foods {the same one Megan Fox shops at} to get some bottled water and shallots and Mozzarella cheese for our Caprese salad. Megan Fox wasn't there. Goshbubbles! 
Now we're back at the house, and Grace jumped all over me and licked my legs again. It tickles. Yes, now I know I taste good. 
Paria's coming over soon. I'm now making the Tomato Caprese Salad, which is looking really good right now {I'll have to give you guys the recipe for that, too}. We're using this special Pink Himalayan salt, and since it's really flavorful, only a little bit it needed. The salad is done, Paria is here, and the food is almost ready!! 
Ate outside, the food was just great. Wow, turkey really does taste good on this bread!
We're talking about movies now. I can't wait for tomorrow, I'm going to Warner Brother's Studios, and then eating lunch before my flight. Yay!! 
We had vanilla and toasted almond gelato with the leftover berries for dessert. Uncle Q and Paria are talking about the entertainment industry. Good thing I'm an IMDB addict!
Best. Day. Ever. Going to bed, now. Grace is still licking my legs. 
tomorrow will be my last california outtakes post, but that doesn't mean the outtakes themselves are over!! so yay. and yes, i owe you guys two recipes. this is going to be fun, isn't it?
{pee ess: i'm going to my grandparent's house for labor day!! what are your plans for this weekend?}


  1. Neat post!

    The parfaits that you mentioned sound very delectable. :) Can't wait for the recipe!

    I looked up lobster mushrooms, and those things look HUGE! Was it good with the sauteed shallots?

    I'm not sure what we're going to do for Labor Day, but we might go to our grandparents house for a barbecue or something. You never know. :)


  2. This weekend I plan to just relax, sew, take pictures, go swimming, and read. Did I mention relax? Hehe.

  3. Oh wow! Sounds amazing!! We live in quite a rural area so we get blackberries growing at the bottom of the garden and I must say stewed apple and blackberry sauce with cornish clotted cream ice cream- is absolutely splendiforous!! :) xx

  4. Thats just so cool that you saw Reese Witherspoon! I love her!


sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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