that's right dear bloggers, my social life is gone, as of like...last week. so technically i shouldn't be blogging right now. or at all. for like...the next two and a half months. no, i'm not shutting the blog down or going inactive or anything, i can still blog, scheduling posts is possible. but for those times that i'm completely unavailable, i need someone to help me out. 
i know, it's awful. i just got 200 followers and now it seems like i'm leaving. but i'm not! so don't get worried. but what i really need to ask is: anyone want to guest post? there are some people that i'd *love* to have guest post for me but i'm afraid to ask because i know you guys have your own lives and i don't want you entangle you up in mine. so if anyone wants to volunteer, virtual cupcake socials on me! oh, i love that word "social" now.
anyway, i'm going to go downstairs and eat some bluebell ice cream and make those "cupcake in a jar" loverlies.
so, i love you guys, i think you guys are totally awesome, and i think you all are so special and you unique and if anyone says different i will personally come to where you live and kill them. not really kill them...but...you know...for your honor -hopeful smile- besides!! i've been dying to punch someone. that's not my brother because he doesn't count and oh-my-lobster-mushrooms-with-sauteed-shallots this is going nowhere. 
so, i'm going to sing every song from every musical i know while i eat. yum-yum :P
you know what? i happen to think these are pretty. and i want them. 
-kiss kiss kiss, hug hug kiss-
{pee ess: please check out this post because i think it's really sweet, and please follow her blog. because it's awesome and so is she and i think it's just really special and awesome. and i know i said awesome already. okay, i'm going to leave now.}


  1. i will guest post. when and what about?

  2. Oh! I would love to guest blog :) Here is my blog!

  3. Aww, we'll miss you!! "Come back" soon!

  4. You know I'd guest post!!
    And we'll miss you while your gone!

  5. I'd be happy to guest post if you'd have me! xD

    We will miss you while you're gone!

  6. I would be happy to guest post for you, if you want me too. :) Just shoot me an e-mail from my contact page on my blog if your interested. Thanks!


  7. Id love 2 but only if u have qn open sPace :)

  8. I'd love to be a guest poster for you! :D Oh pretty please with a cherry on top I'd be floating on clouds if I could :)


  9. Hello! I just wanted to let you know that you were awarded the One Lovely Blog Award over at my blog (hellohighlights.blogspot.com). :)


  10. I would love to guest post for you!!


  11. Aw! I went to that link and its so sweet! Yay for homeschoolers!! lol

  12. I'm going to miss you!! If you need a guest poster I'll help out :) I'm not well known, but if you need me- I'm here.
    fizikizi.blogspot.com xxxx

  13. I think all of your 200 (congrats(:)follower would want to.. me included:)

  14. I hope you can come back soon!
    As I have said before guest posting for you would be "beast"!
    Beth xxx

  15. Yes, I will miss your posts too! I do love your blog. Your posts are great and even make me laugh out loud at times! Definetly one of my favorite blogs.(:


  16. I'd love to guest post for your amazing blog if you want me :)

  17. I would totaly LOVE to do a guest post for you. I'm just starting out but want to get as many chances to do guest posts as I can. Email me if I can!!! My blog is candiopolis.blogspot.com

  18. I woule L<3VE to GUEST POST! Check out my blog! Its called cottencandyclouds.blogspot.com

    P.S. I know cotton is spelled wrong......I did it on purpose. Haha! :)))


sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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