lady of miscellany & yogurt parfaits

as i sit here, perfectly content in my lowercase letter obsession, browsing through photos of my california trip, i cannot help but wonder why it is that my dad never buys the things i happen to put on the grocery list.
but that isn't really the point, here. half of the point, though, would be my miscellaneous musings.
Autumn. daylight savings. waking up at the same time, only to realize you woke up an hour earlier. almost like magic, don't you think?
Titanic. to be perfectly honest i haven't seen it. well, not all of it. i turned it on at the part where rose was telling jack that there was a boat nearby. and i started crying even though i didn't really know what was going on. forget the fact that i'm an over-emotional love story addict {and i haven't seen the whole movie, anyways}, that was just so beautiful and yet so heart shattering that i went into my room and had a good two-hour cry. but then again, if you think about it, jack was resurrected as cobb in inception. so, technically he didn't die at all. but i still cried for two hours. 
Writing. my brain won't seem to stop functioning for a few minutes! of course, that's a good thing. but when it comes to writing...i don't know. i can hear a fragment of a sentence and in less that five minutes have a whole book idea planned out in my head, characters and all. that's how the keys was born. 
Shia Lebouf. i could hear him scream all day. seriously. 
Oxfords. dear beautiful vintage havens, why must thouest be so scarce in size 11?
Moccasins. ditto. 
Phrases. i have some new ones. "oh my beet cake". "oh portobello mushrooms". "oh sunrise smoothies". yes, yes i am good. 
-insert me doing a whole separate post for the yogurt parfaits-
one of the best things about waking up on a sunday morning is breakfast. the sun is shining {hence sunday} the tank is clean, you have a whole world waiting for you to make your entrance, and a special breakfast is a great way to start it off. 
tri-berry yogurt parfaits
about a pint of vanilla yogurt
some golden raspberries, yellow raspberries, and blackberries {you can use whatever berry combination you want, this is what i used. you can probably find the raspberries at your local farmer's market.}
optional: a sprig of mint, for garnish

take a tablespoon of the yogurt and put it in the bottom of a clear glass. add some granola, and berries, and then repeat the process until your glass is filled. {you can do this is any order you like.} sprinkle some extra granola on top, and if you wish, add the sprig of mint. 
photograph to your heart's content. 
take an industrial size spoon, and eat it. 
and this is key: share with no one

it's really fairly simple! 
if you know me, i horked it down. 
and i'm not ashamed.
-kiss kiss kiss, hug hug m'cheetos-
{pee ess: you can die of suspense over my news. i won't mind :P just kidding. stay alive! and BE. EXCITED.}
{pee pee ess: i joined a writing blog! the starlit castle. hop on over and if your interested, sign up! i'm sure lady elisabeth would be delighted to have you as a fellow author.}


  1. I know what you mean about the grocery list thing, lol. (:
    And there is hardly a place in my town to find oxfords...It's really quite depressing

  2. Oh YUM YUM YUM!! That looks amazing!! And I haven't watched titanic either- I watched the first 5 mins and then switched it off because I didn't feel like being depressed... xxx

  3. Oooh I just love you :D And I LOVE the whole idea of Jack coming back as Cobb...It brings healing to my broken heart. ;)
    ~Lauren :)

  4. jocee, if you don't tell us what this terribly exciting thing is, I'm gonna die.
    the suspense is killin me.
    and if it's something like, "I've got a goldfish!" I'll die then too.
    lol jk!!!!

  5. Dang, that looks YUMMY!!!!!!!! So when are you having me over?? ;)

  6. THAT LOOK DELICIOUS!!!!! Okay, I am probable being really annoying about this, BUT do you guys have a meet called sectionals there??? I'm sorry, You are probable like " STOP ASKING ME QUESTIONS!" Hahaha


sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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