one lovely blog award

so, i was awarded by Christela, Emma, Emily, Talia and Katie. {if i'm forgetting anyone i am so sorry!}
even though i don't really do many awards anymore, i thought it would be nice to do one again. i mean, why not?  so, here i go:
you're supposed to list seven random things about yourself, and then pass the award off to fifteen lovely blogs. so, i'm probably going to fail this miserably, so if any of you have a phone, this is the time to video:

001. sometimes when i'm bored i practice multiples of random numbers. yes, i'm a nerd. 
002. when my dad gets peaches from the store i empty all the peaches out of the jar and drink the juice. it's so good!
003. whenever i see a i love on weheartit or tumblr, i HAVE to heart it or reblog it. it's a thing about me. i'm so weird. *sobs*
004. sometimes i talk in text language when i'm in a hurry. my parents keep asking me why, and i say "never use more breath than you need to". 
005. the drum sets that they used in the 1970's/80's/90's freak me out. they give me nightmares.
006. i had a dream last night that we found a baby and we started taking care of her. this random lady took her away claiming she was her guardian, but starved her and treated her wrong. so, we took her back, and legally adopted her. well, i legally adopted her, so i was her mommy. the only word she said was "Yes" and it appeared as though she didn't have a name so i called her "carol amber" which is what i would've been named, had my parents never thought of "jocelyn carol". anyway, the dream was so real that i woke up crying. i really love babies now. 
007. it's so weird how a guy claims to hate justin bieber and then gets the exact same haircut. um, why?

random photo time:
i award anyone and everyone. which is undoubtedly fifteen people :)
-kiss kiss kiss, hug kiss sunflower seed-
{pee ess: BE. READY. FOR THE NEWS OF A LIFETIME. not really. it's probably going to sound all hyped up once you know what it is...but i'm excited.}


  1. Thanks for this lovely post!:D

    Haha! Yes..text languages.
    Aww...lil' babes!

    Nice pony! :))

  2. loved those last two facts:)

  3. Awesome possum! I don't think I could come up with 7 weird things..... but I'll ask my family and friends. lol



  4. Would you please oh please just tell us your news?


sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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