le letter tag

So, I was tagged by Arianna, and I'm doing this really cool letter tag! All you have to do is pick 7 letters from the alphabet and have a picture to go with each letter :) How fun is that? Here I go!!

V; vintage
I just adore vintage. I love the little ol' keys, and pocket watches, and brooches, and tattered books and lace, and paintings and the like. It's all so...as Lauren says: "snazzy".
F; flowers
I'm rather fond of flowers. Okay, I take that back: I LOVE flowers. Cherry blossoms are my favorite. I was in Washington DC and they were in bloom but we left THE DAY BEFORE THE CHERRY BLOSSOM FESTIVAL. That's another goshbubble to add to my "goshbubbley" list.
T; tea
Oh. Yes. 'nuff said.
H; hats
Now, think about it. No hat, no Mad Hatter. Then he would just be plain old mad. How's that special? See? Hats are important.
B; bokeh
It's just so...pretty.
A; apples
Listen to this: If it weren't for the apple Digory got out of Narnia for his mother, he wouldn't have planted the leftover seeds in his backyard, which wouldn't have grown into a tree, which he wouldn't have made into a wardrobe, therefore the Pevensies wouldn't get into Narnia. Now, c'mon. You just can't argue with that.
C; cupcakes
Cupcakes. That is all.
No, seriously, that is all.
Anywhoo, I tag anyone who wants to be tagged! Have fun, peepsies ;)
-kiss kiss hug, hug hug kiss-
{pee ess: this post was originally posted months ago, before blogger had that crash type thing/whatever when a few posts were deleted and put back in drafts. i just recently found it and did a little editing so it could be posted again.}
{pee pee ess: thank you SO MUCH to all those who awarded me with the one lovely blogger award. i will post in whenever i get around to it, which will hopefully be soon. i don't have an exact date, but i want you all to know i think you're nice. very, very nice. so, cupcakes for all of you! :)}


  1. i'm obsessed with everything mentioned here (:
    especially hats (:
    Man, I love hats.

  2. isn't this an old post? or are you doing it again? cuz i thot you did vintage in the last post, that was like this one!!?? :) IDK.


  3. Great, now I want some tea...and I want an epic camera that every picture I take has perfect bokeh in the background...and I want that hat and I want *sigh* pretty much everything in this post=/
    Haha---love it, darling:D


sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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