as of late

how to make gif

{reading} adam - ted dekker
{listening} home - edward sharpe & the magnetic zeros
{drinking} cool glass of milk
{eating} fresh waffles with maple syrup
{anticipating} my brother's cousin's wedding this saturday
{loving} my fuzzy socks with stars on them
{looking} kinfolk magazine
{inspired by} the autumn on the trees

how about you?
-kiss kiss kiss, hug laminated photos-
post credit goes to abbey.


  1. {reading} the five love languages by Gary Chapman
    {listening} To the Sky - Owl City
    {drinking} sweet lemonade, ahem.
    {eating} sugar cookies while jealous of your waffles
    {loving} some skirts and shirts my mom's friend's daughter gave moi.
    {looking} Ivy and Piper Magazine
    {inspired by} the picnics at the beach today

  2. {reading} The Priest's Graveyard by Ted Dekker
    {listening} Someone Like You - Adele
    {drinking} cold glass of milk
    {eating} an everything bagel ;)
    {anticipating} softball tournament tomorrow!
    {loving} it's fuzzy sock weather :D
    {inspired by} the rain outside

    Adam is an AWESOME book! Some say it's Dekker's scariest O_O

  3. {reading} sadly nothing. My life feels empty!
    {listening} What I Wouldn't Do -Fine Frenzy
    {drinking} water
    {eating} gum...?
    {anticipating} going outside to stargaze tonight
    {loving} the bright moon out tonight
    {inspired by} the fall leaves

  4. {reading} Lord of the Flies for school
    {listening} to the music on your blog
    {drinking} tap water
    {eating} the last thing I ate was a cupcake! :)
    {anticipating} A Halloween party
    {loving} the sound of little happy laughs
    {looking} the journal assignment I'm working on
    {inspired by} lovely bloggers like you!

  5. {Reading} Graceling by Kristen *I don't remember her last name.*
    {Listening} To myself beat box, cuz' i'm that awesome.
    {Drinking} sweet tea
    {Eating} just ate, actually. (Pizza)
    {Anticipation} Halloween
    {Loving} the comfortableness of my bed
    {looking} At the screen. Because I'm typing :DD
    {Inspired By} Bloggers. Everyone in general that blogs. You, bleah, everyone.

  6. {reading} Veiled Rose by Anne Elisabeth Stengl. Amazing book!
    {listening} the silence, and the sound of my fingers on the keys. (As far as music goes, Josh Wilson, Relient K, Owl City. ♥)
    {drinking} Water, a few minutes ago.
    {eating} Pizza, for dinner.
    {loving} life. :)
    {looking} The moonlight! It's so pretty!
    {inspired by} Jesus, writing, and hope.

    Lovely post, dear. :)

  7. Reading: Legends of the Fall
    Listening: Corner by Allie Moss
    Drinking: Ensure Plus (EW. Oh the joys of being in a hospital recovery unit. Bleh.)
    Eating: Veggie Burger (Later. The GOOD part about the joys of being in a hospital recovery unit. Even if it *is* hospital food. Their veggie burgers kick all the other veggie burger's butts.)
    Loving: Saturdays, blogs, and hand-writing letters.
    Inspired by: Other bloggers.

    Yesterday, the rest of the group here (myself included) made a whole bunch of cookies for our afternoon coffee group. I think that, deep down, we're all cookie monsters at heart.

  8. Reading: 'Forever' by Karen Kingsbury
    Listening: to my mom in the kitchen
    Drinking: nothing
    Eating: nothing
    Loving: the Booth Brothers!
    Inspired by: the Booth Brothers!!!

  9. Hey Jocee...soo that cookie thing is so cool but how do you make it?!! it's so neato! :) hehe i want to make some of those. I thought you had a tutorial but idk...


sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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