autumn bouquets {a guest post by ashlyn}

 fall is an amazing time of the year. it's my favorite season, period. 
but with the first frost, our favorite flowers that we use to make beautiful bouquets that fill the windowsill wither away and die.
but an autumn bouquet is even better.
bursting with red, orange, yellow, and a lil' of green, 'tis truly beautiful! 

S t e p  O n e
get your sister. she wears her pink flip flops and you wear your favorite boots you've been dying to wear.
a cool morning is ideal, about ten o' clock. perfect.

S t e p   T w o
 get to clippin'! clip away! The burning bush: check. That one that needs severely trimmed: check. That one that is beautifully orange: check. That small tree? oh yes.
even that blueberry bush that never bears fruit because the black birds eat the buds and it doesn't grows and you have tried everything- that bush?  probably shouldn't have, but I did. ahem.

leaves- any clippings  will do. as long as they say "autumn."

S t e p   T h r e e
bring those all inside. sort them all out. you might want to assure your mom that those crunchy leaves will get cleaned up from the floor, table, and counters- you promise! 

 S t e p    F o u r 
clip of all the extra leaves not needed. the bright green ones that aren't even touched with a kiss of autumn.

S t e p   F i v e 
get a vase. pitcher. if anything, a mason jar. fill it with water. 'tis truly wonderful.

S t e p   S i x
start doing the fun part! arrange them every which way. it's all good.

S t e p   S e v e n

 add some ribbon and a little lovely note.
"welcome, autumn!"
"hello, fall!"
anything will do.

S t e p   E i g h t 

step back and enjoy.
{or make a second one....}

ps. thanks, Jocee, for having me!
pss. I have to admit this guest post stemmed from another guest post. hoping you'll check it out!

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hi there, so glad you are here. my name is ashlyn nicole. I'm a child of the King, oldest to six, and daughter who is home schooled and in high school. I am a...photographer, writer, piano player, blog designer. i love photoshop, nutty bars, jewelry, coffee, modest fashion, blogging, lightroom, bokeh, card making, photo editing, old movies and the Andy Griffith show. that pretty much defines me. 

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thank you so much, Jocee, for letting me guest post! it was incredibly fun!<3            


  1. Such an awesome idea! If I wasn't in Florida where the leaves never change much I'd love to give it a try!

  2. Oh wowowowowowowow! Right, I'm gonna go and steal my sister now.... :) xx

  3. Those are gorgeous!!!!:))) I want to go make one now! :)))


  4. This is so cute, Ashlyn! love it!

  5. those are really cute! what a great idea!:)

  6. Sweet and informative post, and I especially love the ribbon/note tied around the top of the mason jar.

  7. Gorgeous colors of leaves! =)


  8. That is so pretty! Great post! :)


  9. Nice piece of work and convenient! =)


sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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