dear boys,

dear ryan,
after one month, you finally commit to buying me ice cream.
affectionately yours,
the girl who really likes ice cream.

dear dj,
i love phineas and ferb, too.
never too old to be a kid.

dear random guy who looks like leonardo dicaprio,
you almost gave me a heart attack.
spazzy girl.

dear coach aubrey,
please, indulge us and let it rain. your ultimate power of clouds but no thunderstorms is exhausting.
the girl who despises droughts.

dear daddy,
please, clean up the mess you made when you had your smoothie.
most ardently,
i'm sure mommy thinks the same thing.

dear noah,
hi, best friend ;)
yours truly,
rubbing it in courtney's face in an affectionate manner.

dear ernest,
you said you'd buy me a car. yellow camaro with a black stripe down the middle with bumblebee installed.
pleasure doing business with you,
transformers addict.

dear abeck,
you're getting taller. this is embarrassing.
the girl who wants to be superior in height.

since i suddenly want some coffee:
-kiss kiss kiss, hug gooey craisins-
{pee ess: i'm a finalist in kel's photo challenge! go check it out :))}
{pee ess: it rained. IT FLIPPIN RAINED. the little stream just outside my backyard is flooding. that's how hard it rained. -insert me doing a major spastic happy dance- :D}


  1. love it. are they all friends of yours??????

  2. this is a cute and fun post.
    "dear random guy who looks like leonardo dicaprio"
    & you have a great sense of humor.

  3. D'awww, somebody bought you ice cream? Lucky!! :3

  4. Love the one about your dad. so funny:)
    "i'm sure mommy thinks the same thing..."

  5. Any boy who buys you ice cream is worth your time. ;)
    Thanks for linking up!

  6. omgoodness! the one about your dad so fits my dad! haha i feel ya, jocee!(;


  7. I'm in love with this post.wish I had the bravery to say what I think of the guys I know ;) you go girl!

    Ellie ;)

  8. Omg i rained here too! It sounded lovely!!!

  9. Just did a happy dance for you! <3
    Ps. I loved this post! I love how you can type those things up, but the people they are for never end up reading them!
    --Sara Beth


sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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