i'm coming out {two}

i've been thinking about him a lot, lately. 
no, not eli.
my future husband. why?
i don't know. 
i guess i just can't wait to meet him. 
but after screwing up a few times...
i think i'll have to.
Pinned Imagesometimes i think about whether or not i've already met the guy i'm going to marry. i thread through the guy's i've met in the course of my life and i only find about maybe three or four or five that i'd been willing to be spending the rest of my life with. but in reality, i think i based it all out on looks. 
this one's cute, this one's cuter, oh he's mighty fine. yeah. you surprised at me? i know i am.

i remember when i got a question on my tumblr from a girl, and she asked me, "what do find most attractive in a guy?" you can read my answer here. then i realized i wasn't following my own advice. i was so caught up in in the physical. i wanted to be kissed, i wanted to hold hands with a guy. i wanted someone to wrap their arms around my waist and tell me they loved me. but does it really matter?

my mom and i have had a lot of conversations about love and boys and marriage. and she said to focus where his heart lies. he'll be submitted to God, his pastor and his parents. let God shape him into the man he's meant to be. and yet, i just can't wait to see him. but not for the right reasons.

i mean, of course every girl wants their guy to be cute. that's just part of how they're wired. but they go through relationship after relationship after relationship with all the cute guys they know and what to they end up with? nothing. because that's not how they're supposed to do it.

i have a problem with impatience. i was born in december, so i have to wait for everyone else's birthday, and then, finally, it's mine. i almost feel jealous, because it seems like all my friend's birthdays come sooner than mine. but basically, it's all the same distance apart. i don't have to rush it. besides, i celebrate my half-birthday.

God has the right time. the date. the hour. the second. the nanosecond, even. maybe you'll meet him at work, or the classic, spill coffee on him. whatever it is, it's the perfect time. 
you just have to be patient.

i know i do. 
-kiss kiss kiss, hug glossy paper-
{pee ess: anyone want to guest post about coming out? i'd love to have you :)}
{pee pee ess: guest poster #2 tomorrow. looking forward to it!}


  1. I did a post quite similar to this one too! Oh, I would love to help you out darling. Just email me at simplyme96@nc.rr.com

  2. Jocee, I LOVE this post. I do the same things. I thread thru guys I know, wonderIng is he the one? Sometimes in my head I list reasons why I like a guy. "He's cute, he's funny, he knows alot about the Bible." But that isn't enough.

    If you want, I'll post on coming out.

  3. Jocee, you've done it again. You know, went and made an amazing post.
    I'd do a guest post on it for you(:

  4. Loved this! Amazing Jocee, dear.

  5. I'll guest post for you!! You know where to get me.

    But on the actual post; It was amazing. I have problems with patience, and want something physical, wanting something...close. But I have to - need to - wait. Not only am I not ready, but God hasn't placed the right guy in my life yet. Keep waiting - we'll wait together, hon. :)


  6. *sigh* such a wonderful post, m'dear.<3
    Being patient is so very hard sometimes...but of course, it will be worth it all in the end:)
    luv ya~

  7. i love these posts! i agree like completely on everything you said.
    ps: i would luff to guest post someday, about anything really! catch me over at bloomablelife.blogspot.com
    PSS: i reallyyy like your new blog design! :)

  8. very nice post.
    i know, i think about my future husband too.
    and i need to stop getting caught up with the physical things, too.

  9. I think about the same things, Jocee.
    And while it's okay to want the physical stuff....it's good to remember that his heart is most important.

    you got it goin' on, girl. :) keep it up <3

  10. How do you do this!? How in the world do you just straight out say things!?


sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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