in which my obsession is fulfilled.

for in the course of human events, when a young girl, or a woman of equal measure, is exposed to the manner and occurrences of a mr. darcy of pemberley, she is undoubtedly and solely in love. and quite contrary to the rest of the world's belief, looks may not have anything to do with it.

though his eyes and mouth are something of which to be desired, i believe it is in different aspects that many have fallen in love with this man. he has a manner of walking, in which he may seem determined, and is highly aware of the many thoughts people around him may conjure. he may seem a quiet or like a book shut in a chest under lock and key, but really his life is an open door that many have yet to walk into.

can they not see the way his eyes travel from one to another; his thoughts are so evident that they could be spoken. thought politeness is absolutely necessary, he may tolerate the presence of one who dares to contradict him by a hair. and that would be miss elizabeth, of whom we admire most greatly, but not as much as mr. darcy.

something about the way he speaks. the way his hair is disheveled after a brisk walk in the wind, which you'd hardly catch him doing. such an opinionated man, that can be passed off as a socially awkward invalid, but really, he's nothing of the sort.

i have had the pleasure of watching the tales of mr. darcy, miss elizabeth bennett, and their kin recently, the more i watch, the more i am entangled in the simple yet complex events of their love. from a mere dislike to constantly in each other's thoughts, to an argument and henceforth no words spoken to each other sometime after. and then when they do speak to each other again, there is an awkwardness that may disappear over time, and of course they keep you in suspense until the end of the movie.

i can't help but wonder if peter in any way could be a mr. darcy. opinionated, headstrong, and possibly a tongue biter. and he would use words like "ardently" "incandescently" and he would be as passionate as the world could allow, in all of the universal-scope of things.

and so in these few paragraphs, i have expressed my thoughts towards a man, who, has taken my heart, and given it an imagination no other could possibly even possess.
dawn is playing in my internal playlist, and i feel that if i ever met peter or darcy, my feelings would be truly, and most ardently confirmed. 

this is a day in which sour cream coffee cake and raspberry royal tea serves as my breakfast, in which my daydreams consist of long walks, and four sisters and a mother who constantly keep there ears locked onto the nearest closed door, in which i shall set out, and find a man as lively as mr. bingley, in which my obsession, is finally fulfilled. 

one day, i want to find a man like mr. darcy. solemn, yet opinionated, quiet, but passionate. and you can see his heart's desire through his eyes. - me

-kiss kiss kiss, hug buttoned cashmere-
{pee ess: i will have a beautiful person guest post for me tomorrow, and there shall be another on thursday, and on saturday, so, stay tuned for whimsicality, and loveliness :))}


  1. ooh-lala! :) he sounds PERFECT <3
    p.s, come check out this blog. i do believe its your husbands sisters....

  2. I've never seen that movie (I know I know. I hear your disapproving of that already)
    But, i love this!

  3. heehee Loved this :)
    I didn't really like the new P&P, though...the old one is good enough for me. :D

    Anyway, loved this post :)

    ~Miss Raquel

  4. mr. darcy DOES sound perfect! I love watching that movie and seeing the relationships between characters change so much :)

  5. i am NOT NOT NOT a jane austen fan AT ALL!!! yuk!!! :D

  6. Beautiful!
    I have to say though a prefer the BBC Darcy.
    Beth xoxo

  7. Dearest Jocee/Charlotte
    Thank you for the comment on my blog!
    I didn't know my brother was married.
    But you can have him if you want.
    You seem (by looking through your blog) to have a rather large fondness for him. I honestly don't know what you see in him. Oh well.
    Your affectionate sister in law..
    ~Queen Susan

  8. Ohhh my. This is a b e a u t i f u l post!! I just drank it up attentively and then got lost dreaming about my Darcy... who is no longer mine. I love that movie so much! Every time I watch it I want to go to that world and dance in the Regency style. :) Okay, last thing: just this minute, my sister started playing Dawn on the pianee. How funny is that??

    well, anyway, I think you're cool and I loved this! :))

    Love, hugs, cupcakes, and happy darcy-filled dreams to you!

    -Lindsey Lou


sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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