beautiful serenity [guest post by acacia]

{from jocee: hello, dearhearts. while you're reading this, i'll be on my way to camp to intern for the weekend. so please enjoy these guest posters!! also, i smell like cupcakes. be jealous.}

the golden lighting that comes swirling down from the sky and dapples my hair and the auburn leaves.  the crisp winds that blow.  the pumkin spice lattes that are served and the oxfords that are bought. the smiles that are exchanged. the whisper's of the wind. the cry of the night owl. the stacks of crisp, new school books. the warm woolly scarves.  the long trips on roads like ribbons. the beautiful serenity.  

but now for goodbyes; summer's long days exchanged for winter's short ones.  snow whirling, mittens warming, fires crackling.  small, rosy cheeks after playing in the snow.  sledding, hot coco, marshmallows and whipped cream.  piles of yummy goodness on plates and steam rising from hot bread.  snuggling up in bed, sheets, quilt, blankets over body -- your body tingling in the sheer excitement of just being warm under quilts.  oh, goodbye fall.  oh welcome, winter.

  hello there >>  i'm acacia -- lover of Jesus, good tea+coffee, the piano, books, sunflare and simplicity.  i blog about lovely things, life and faith at capture life.   england is my current home. pop in and see me, why don't you? 

pee ess : plus, fall means that jocee and acacia's birthday is just around the corner... (is yours?)


  1. this is amazing: your pictures, your words. everything = wonderful

  2. Oh, wow. Acacia, I love your writing, it's so real.
    Beautiful photos.
    No....my birthday is not in fall. :(

  3. i just *love* this time of year! beautiful pictures, Acacia:)

  4. Wow I got goosebumps reading your writing. You're so talented! :D

  5. this. was. amazing.
    and that second picture is just pure adorableness :)
    your words are so real and wonderful and comforting... i could read anything you write all day long... no lie :)


  6. ummm... you guys just totallytotally made my day. thanks is... purely an understatemen!t

  7. great pictures but is the third one of poop? not to hurt your feelings but it looks like that. LOL!!

  8. this is beautiful!!


  9. hey anonymous -- no, the third isn't of poop... it's a pinecone! :)


sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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