i'm coming out {three}, we are the girls

i don't like the guys who think they can have any girl without trying. 
i don't like the girls who dress up like barbie dolls on a daily basis, and stare at us like we're they're favorite song - from six years ago. 

trash. we're obviously trash to all of them. they think we're so naive. like we haven't experienced life the way they have. and honestly? thank God we haven't. we are who we are, and they are who they are. but they are not themselves. 

we are the girls:
who laugh at ourselves when we trip over thin air
who would speak in a comically incorrect British accent in front of the Queen if we could
who dress up like 1980's fashionistas, just because
who say words like 'goshbubbles' and 'pumpernickel' and 'gabberflasted'
who would rather have Mr. Darcy over Justin Bieber. any day
who could care less about dieting because ribs taste just that good
who can memorize every single alien that has tried to kill the Doctor
who talk too loud and laugh louder when everyone else stares at us
who spazz out over what seems to be a bee but is only a fly
who get heart attacks in Walmart because we think we just saw Leo DiCaprio
who love the Beatles more than the Jonas Brothers
who still plan all-girl birthday parties
who dress up as a Dalek for halloween
who prefer old fashioned vinyl records instead of digital downloads
who still think that Disney princes are the best guys ever
who can't dance. no matter what
who are in love with Johnny Depp, but looks have absolutely nothing to do with it
who still dress up in our mom's clothes
who have read 10 books for every word in a text message
who know every line of every Star Wars movie ever made
who hum Beethoven's Pathetique Sonata absentmindedly
who would rather drink tea, always
who wouldn't wear daisy dukes, not even for our husbands
who believe in faeries
who want his heart, not his body
who know who we are, and don't try to be someone else. 

we also think cupcakes are the bee's knees. 
-kiss kiss kiss, hug your mom-
{pee ess: also. dear lauren (i know a lot of laurens), i didn't dress this nice because i thought brian was coming, i thought this sweater was cute. and i think my nails and headband go nicely with it. brian didn't show up...that's cool. okay, so maybe i have a mega crush on him. so what? he lets me hit him. i might have to explain that later...also, he's absolutely adorable. in the most sophisticated sense of the word. with eyeliner.}
{pee pee ess: i am going to camp tomorrow, so please enjoy these guest posters while i'm gone!}


  1. You write so well.
    I am one of "those" girls...and I'm proud of it.
    I'm glad you are too. Because "those" girls are the best I reckon.
    Bteh xx

  2. Bahahaa... I loved this post. Can I hear an amen? especially about reading books, not text messages. (and everything else) thanks for this,
    really made my day :)

  3. Haha, I like this post :D Especially the part about reading 10 books for every word in a text. And the one about Johnny Depp. And especially the one about the daisy dukes! Love it :D
    ~One of the Laurens you know (hehee)

  4. I absolutely adore this post. Mega Like! <3

  5. this. was. perfect.
    thanks, Jocee, for writing this.

    oh, that one about Jonny Depp was so true. so, so true... and i laugh at myself when i do anything remotely 'stupid' haha. i am such an odd person, but i'm okay with that.
    because i am who i am and i am who He made me to be. i will never ever be perfect but i do believe laughing and acting crazy in front of your crush is so much better then putting on a pound of makeup and looking like a model in front of everyone.

    so thanks again for this lovely bit of loverliness. it really made my day :)


  6. I love Johnny Depp.
    I drink tea.
    I say star wars line a lot.
    I think I've read 20 books for every word in a text.
    And many times, that big bad be is just a fruit fly.

    Lovely post! I related to a lot of it.

  7. I really loved this post! <3

  8. Amen! I would GLADLY choose Mr. Darcy over the biebz anyday!!

  9. Triple Amen right here Jocee! I am definately one of those girls. This is a fantastic post. :)

  10. Lovely! This brightens my day, knowing that others live by my philosophy: there is never a wrong time to laugh!
    Lol, I cnt blve ur sain tht abt texting (just kidding, I'm NOT a texter. At all. I'd rather hear voices. )


  11. so true. oh, how true this is :))

  12. Brilliant! Absolutely brilliant! :)

  13. I am now extremely proud to be "one of those girls".
    You rock.

  14. "who would rather have Mr. Darcy over Justin Bieber. any day"
    "who still think that Disney princes are the best guys ever"
    "who have read 10 books for every word in a text message"
    "who hum Beethoven's Pathetique Sonata absentmindedly"
    "who believe in faeries"

    ... amen sista!!

  15. Oh my stars. This is definitely one of my most absolute favorites out of all your posts, I think! Exactly. You nailed it :D

  16. haha, i love this.
    i can relate. :)
    just because everything i have on isn't aeropostal,im not texting, and i have spazz moments doesn't make me a total loser.
    hehe, awesome job jocee. :)

  17. Love the British accent one! Awesome post!

  18. ahahah love this :) half that stuff is me. half is not so much.
    Especially love the ones about Dr Who and Star Wars and Mr. Darcy. and British accents. And reading! :D

  19. Joce, i reread this today and i absolutely love it. A few of the things u said really made me smile:)


sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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