i suppose it's almost that time

mommy occasionally pulls out the family photo album. she shows pictures of her childhood, daddy's childhood, their teenage years, young adulthood, then they meet, fall in love, and marry. and four years later, i come into the picture. right about here, my mom says she cried when i was born. she said she saw me at the ultrasound and thought i was quite funny looking. but then when she held me in her arms for the first time she thought i was so beautiful that she didn't really know what to do.
and now, almost fifteen years later, after scads of what-i-want-to-be-when-i-grow-ups, frantic because-the-brand-new-shoes-don't-fit-anymore shopping sessions, answered questions, painting bedrooms, american girl dolls, swim meets and piano recitals, here i am.
with my scalloped circle obsessions, full-fledged theories about narnia's existence, and awkward laugh. i'm almost fifteen. i can hardly believe it. i've started writing my party invitations; there's newspaper and glue everywhere. my grandma has agreed to let me play her old vinyl records, and i'm browsing the interwebs for craft supplies. and after all of that, i still call my parents mommy and daddy.

it's that time where people are asking what i want for my birthday. my first response is always i don't know. and i really don't know. but i've been searching the inner caverns of my brain, and i squeezed out a few things. also, i just love writing lists.

>>. gift card to anthropolgie
>>. gift card to ruche
>>. edward scissorhands soundtrack
>>. canon rebel t3i or nikon d3100
>>. scrabble
>>. chocolate-chip cookie dough ice cream {totally serious}
>>. orchestra sheet music to hymn to the fallen by john williams {i'm a nerd}
>>. snow
>>. pride + prejudice movie {2005}
>>. forever21 gift card
>>. subscription to kinfolk magazine
>>. nancy drew mystery
>>. this + this from stuff kara made
>>. the bride collector by ted dekker
and most likely more to come, since Christmas is just around the corner...

this year my list is different. not as many material items, such at cd's or dvd's, more like things that can be used to make memories with. things that'll stick in your mind. books, to expand my library. scrabble, because i've never owned that game. snow, because it is my favorite. sheet music, because i am a composer. all of these things, because i am me. happy monday, all.

-kiss kiss kiss, hug a paper mache ladder-
{pee ess: i think i'm going to call my etsy shop "honeysuckle window", y'all. i just can't let that name go.}
{pee pee ess: you know i write songs? i was asking for a little band name of sorts and i came up with one, finally. i am the local whimsy.}


  1. Full fledged wonderings about Narnia, Me too!! I've sometimes closed my eyes and thought, "Aslan! Bring me!" It never works. :-/

    HAPPY birthday when it comes!! And, sheet music is amazing! And your Grandmother is awesome!

  2. i am 13 (14 in a few months) and i still call my parents mommy & daddy :)

    and, i have been inspired by your 15 before 15 and i'm going to do it too, only with 14. so just know that you've inspired someone. :)


  3. I voted for honeysuckle window :)

    my parents are still mommy and daddy.

    I hope you get your birthday snow...it's the best kind of all!

  4. I would personally drive down to Texas and bring you a semi truck of snow if I had my license. But since I don't, I guess I'll just havta be boring and wish virtual snow upon you... HAPPY SNOWY EARLY BIRTHDAY JOCEE DEAR!

  5. Happy almost birthday! I love your wish list.

  6. I want to hear your songs!(:

    P.S I totally still have the gift I bought you while I was in Myrtle Beach!
    P.P.S I'm still talking my parents into a trip to the camp! Fingers crossed(:

  7. I would love to go to a vintage themed birthday party like yours is sure to be!
    Happy birthday a little eary, girl! I hope you have a simply gorgeous day!!!
    Ps are any of the albums by Shaun Cassidy? I love his music...;)

  8. You know this sounds so familiar. When we're little kids, we feel like when we get older and become one of the "big guys" we'll be feel so much older. But when you really do, you feel just the same. "Could I really be turning ___?" Its such a wierd feeling. But anyway, Happy Almost Birthday. May it be wonderful, and may you a great next year!


  9. happy birthday Jocee!! you're wish list is amazing... chocolate chip cookie dough ice-cream? yes please!! :D lovelovelove

  10. Happy {almost!} birthday! I am the same--my Christmas list was really hard for me to write and now consists of ten not-very-expensive things. Just ten, but they all mean more to me than twenty would.

  11. {oh, also I just bought gingerbread syrup and added it to my coffe. There's a tutorial at ABeautifulMess though about making coffee syrup!}

  12. Nice picture Jocee. :) Fifteen. Wow. Cool. It's interesting how when we're little we want to be amazing things, but now, we think we can never be those things. Then, when we're older, we regret not pursuing our dreams. It's kinda sad. That's why, whatever I choose to do, I'm gonna pursue it, with all my heart.



sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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