oh the places you'll go.


shoes. i don't think we realize this enough. we always wear shoes. it's a subconscious action. go to our closet, scan the many suggestions, or few, or whatever varies best with your outfit. then we slip them on, leave, and most likely don't think about them for the rest of the day. we take them off, go barefoot or wear socks. and we go about with our lives. 

think about it: one day someone decided to put some burlap under their feet. because with all the creatures and objects inhabiting the ground it would be the safe thing to do. and so it catches on, like a contagious spread of disease a fever sweeps the earth and soon everyone's wearing shoes. if not wearing them, they've heard about it. 

i quite like to travel. explore new places, discover different cultures, and try the local mcdonald's just to see if it tastes the same, because i can, and i'm just checking for the safety of starving tourists. london, paris, moscow, tokyo, toronto, auckland, los angeles even. we long for this. it is fernweh; wanderlust. 

have you ever been someplace you didn't want to forget. where you stopped, took a deep breath, and took a few minutes to say remember this moment. remember what you saw, what you did, what you ate. what you wore. shoes. what shoes did i wear? take a moment to remember your shoes. whether they're old and falling apart, whether they're brand new and are just being broken in. oxfords, penny loafers, tennis shoes, stilettos, even. take a few seconds to document them. where have i been in these? the U.S. Capital, the beach. my grandparent's backyard. 

take a picture of your feet. where are you now? what are you doing? i'm eating cinnamon rolls with nana, in my toms. oh, sweetheart, she says, sitting in her favorite chair. oh the places you'll go. dancing and eating and drinking and sightseeing, all in those shoes. 
so today, my house smells like cinnamon rolls and sausage. funny, because the former hasn't even been made. my sister claims she has a blog called cupcake dictionary and my mom wants to know how old leonardo dicaprio is. 38, mommy. i'm sitting at my desk with a orchestral score in front of my face and my day is currently stellar. scathingly brilliant if you will. my pajamas are blue and i'm wearing fuzzy socks that my best friend gave me for my birthday. 

hey, who said you can't travel in socks? frodo did it barefoot. honestly, i don't think it matters. because oh the places you'll go. just be sure to send me a postcard. 
-kiss kiss kiss, hug a porcupine-
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{pee pee ess: who's on Thanksgiving break yet? i envy you.}
{pee pee pee ess: ask not what you can do for your country. ask what's for lunch. [orson welles]}


  1. Oh myyyyy! this was ever so lovely! That picture is too adorable! :)))


  2. Lovely post!!!!
    Random posts like this are why your blog is so amazing and popular. xD

  3. this was perfection.
    oh, how i love you, Jocee.
    you make my heart swell with every post you write. it swells with happiness, wonder, excitement, and longing.

    and, you know, my whole family calls me weird every time i take a picture of my shoes, whether we're at the store or the beach or even the capital building in Texas, they all think it's strange. but i don't care. i want to remember the pair of shoes i wore when i visited the capital of Texas, or if i wore any shoes at all on that walk with my daddy on the beach... i want to remember every little detail of every little adventure that comes my way.
    thank you, dearest, for writing this. it makes me feel so... alive, if you will.
    and right now? right now my feet are barefoot and free, i'm wearing my favorite pair of jeans and my favorite shirt, and cole is watching Return of the King behind me. we just finished up stuff for the market day (which is this saturday) and i'm ready to fall asleep :)

    i realize this comment is super long, so i think i'll stop now...

  4. loooove the first pic!! and looove cupcakes as well :D

  5. oh I love this.
    Jocee, you are such a talented writer.
    I LOVE the picture of you up there. :)

  6. What a cute post! I love the map shoes, they are adorable.

  7. hey Jocee, I like the expertly scalloped picture of you on the sidebar. :)

  8. Socks can be better, at times, then shoes! lol

  9. I love taking pictures of my shoes or feet... I'll be in the grocery store, the yard, my bedroom... it doesn't matter, it's like the adventures of my shoes (my black converse).
    Then again I might be wearing my bunny slippers... even if I'm in public! :)

  10. Just imagine all the things your shoes have seen throughout the years. Pretty crazy, if you think about it!

    {Jocee! I love the picture of you on the sidebar! :) So pretty!}
    xoxo, hayley

  11. my, my. this was just beautiful. scathingly brilliant if you will.


sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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