dancing! at the disco

mommy's mommy came from illinois on wednesday. we call her grandma sugar, because she's so sweet, and she smells good, too. she sold her summer house up in michigan and bought a house two blocks away from us. this trip is for the coming of thanksgiving. family, food, and recognizing your blessings. the weather is cold, the skies are darker, and the air constantly smells of marshmallows roasting in the fireplace. 

every night we go to grandma's house and eat dinner and put together puzzles. we play the "how many words can you make out of this" game and we watch our favorite cop shows. the mentalist is amazing. amen. there's talk of sports, home decoration, food, and fun, and there's always an oreo in there somewhere. 

we go scavenger hunting and find old photo albums, unearthing memories from 'back-in-the-day'. and last night, we unearthed something new. grandma's record player. 
a bookshelf loaded with reminders of the 1950's, 60's, and 70's. and you can guess what happened next. i picked one out, switched on the turntable, and pressed play. let the dancing begin. of course Joy appeared out of nowhere and began to dance the way only six year olds dance. one hour of nat king cole, frank sinatra, sammy davis jr, and the top disco bands from the 1970's {whose names i do not know}. 

you can guess that i spontaneously made the decision to play these records at my fifteenth birthday party. you guessed correctly. i am now a part of an age that i was never able to experience {oh the horror of being born in the 90's} and i am quite le happy. 

number seven of fifteen before fifteen: complete

and now if you'll excuse me while i admire this cleverness:
-kiss kiss kiss, hug lincoln logs-
{pee ess: i'm making an etsy. no, i'm not selling anything [yet] but i would like to sponsor some blogs/etsy shops so we can have some giveaways in the future. how does that sound? also, that's what the poll is for. to name my future etsy shoppe. be excited.}
{pee pee ess: what are your standings with white chocolate?}


  1. pee ess: you're just so perfectly wonderful.
    pee pee ess: i don't like white chocolate.
    pee pee pee ess: wanderlust season? honeysuckle window? scenes of fernweh? the meadowlark? mymymymymy. girl, you're names don't get any better.

  2. Aww, I wish I was there to dance too. :)
    xoxo, hayley

  3. White chocolate it yummy! But nothing beats fudge(: Etsy shop? YAY! What are you planning on selling?? PLEASE DO TELL!! :D


  4. P.S. I LOVE that thing you did at the top right of your sidebar!

  5. did you know sometimes I just leave your blog open in a tab so I can listen to the music? I love the songs you pick out :)
    anddd I might contact you about sponsoring a giveaway!

  6. Not the biggest fan of white chocolate but I do love all of those names for your esty shop. Its so hard to choose just one!

  7. YAY! I'm glad your making an etsy shop! Would love to sponsor sometime!


  8. i loved this. cuteeee blog, missy.

  9. yay for disco! the 70's era is awesome because it makes me happy because there was such a thing as disco... let's revive disco!

  10. haha, sounds awesome.

    white chocolate is my absolute favorite.

    I'm starting an etsy shop come January. and what will I sell? you'll just have to wait and see.


  11. very nice post :) iv had moments like these. & chocolate {whether it's white or milk} is sooo good (:
    a question: how do you get the drop down: grab my button? on the right hand side.

  12. loving the mustache!(;
    hmm white chocolate? i love milk chocolate better.(:


  13. Sounds like some fun times! Records and dancing are always nice! And looking forward to your Etsy shop, I'll vote on your poll!

  14. Hello, Jocee dear.
    This was a lovely post. And so was yesterday's. I love records so much! That's great about the Etsy shop! I'd love to help sponsor. Also, white chocolate is great.. especially melted onto fritos or popcorn.

    Much love,


sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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