the tea drinker

i like to think of tea as my companion. i suppose you could say we're best friends, because no matter what i do, tea has somehow found a way to be a part of that. on my trips to the grocery store with mommy, i can so easily find myself entangled in the many brands and flavors of leaves and flowers, that i won't hear mom leaving the aisle and heading for the checkout line. i snag a few boxes and run to catch up to her, excited in my new finds.

for me, tea is something that can be enjoyed in all seasons. a cup as you watch the leaves grow on the trees in spring. a glass with lemon and a few cubes of ice in the summertime, to escape the heat; but no matter how humid the weather, i enjoy my tea hot. a mug as you watch the leaves turn into auburn and burgundy and then flutter to the ground in autumn. a thermos full at dawn, catching the first glimpse of the winter frost.

the way the vapors fill your nostrils. the tingling of your tastebuds as you put a spoonful into your mouth, not caring if it scorches, and then you continue to drink the whole cup full in one gulp. whether you like it plain, with a cube or two of sugar, or even honey. a cinnamon stick for flair. a breakfast biscuit on the side?

it is something that helps me wind down before bedtime.
that soothes a sore throat.
that starts a good conversation.
that can tag along for any stroll, any photoshoot, any observation on the porch.
that can top off any meal, any dessert.
for me, tea creates memories. it is brewed with love, and downed with satisfaction. it plays mate to anything it is accompanied by. cake, cookies, even ice cream for that matter. 

the first words that leave mommy's mouth when i walk in the door from swim practice, or extra-curricular activities, are jocelyn, can you make some tea?
absolutely. i was, am, and forever more, the tea drinker. 

-kiss kiss kiss, hug a pot of jellybeans-
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  1. Reading this makes me wish I liked tea. <3

  2. I love tea. But at the same time, coffee and I are like this *crosses fingers*

  3. Reading this makes me rethink tea. Any specific kinds you'd suggest?

  4. I agree with Olivia. xD I wish I liked tea.
    I mean, I LOVE good ole' sweet iced tea. But I hate hot tea.

  5. Absolutely loved this, and now I am about to go make tea. I couldn't live without tea.

  6. tea + a good read + fuzzy socks. good day.


  7. tea is the bomb. I like mine with a ton of sugar and lots of lemon! And by the way, Jocee dear, I AM SO JEALOUS OF YOUR WRITING. It's gorgeous and I want to make your whole blog into a poetry book. PLEASE CAN I.

  8. yes. i wholeheartedly agree!! tea is amazing!!!


  9. Ahhh... tea. Enough said. Beautiful writing!


  10. Tea is the very very very best. :) Around my house I am offically called the tea drinker cause I can finish off four teapots of green tea when I get home from school. Tea is my best liquid friend. :) Can't get enough of that tea! ;D
    Loved this post!
    xoxo, hayley

  11. aw! thanks for the link, darling! I'm a big fan of tea myself...especially chai.

  12. mmm..I love tea! hot tea is good anytime anyplace :)

  13. i'm not a big tea drinker - it just takes like nasty hot water to me.... but ya. i LOVE coffee, tho. mmmm...



sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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