this morning.

in the midst of cold weather, i sit here at the window, drinking tea, reading kinfolk magazine, listening to music, and just being inspired. i watch as the leaves fall off the trees and as our friendly neighborhood squirrel gathers nuts and scampers off to his home. wearing my new white wooly sweater from grandma, and watching as my mommy reads to joy. old memories, new memories.
for the past few weeks, i've been pondering life after high school. after college, even, even though it's so far away. i want to buy a quaint old house -two story preferably- with a small library off to the side, and a porch so i can watch the neighbors walk by. really, i've been pondering on living a simple life. i'm inspired by gatherings of four or five people, whether family or friends, eating good food and playing games that we might've enjoyed as children. talking of life over a good cup of tea. going on shopping trips when the season is coming to a close and taking pictures of our experiences. 

i told daddy in the car last night, on the way home from getting my hair done. i want to live a simple life. writing novels and music, of course, but also other things. like trying new things in my cookbook. seafood for example, because mommy doesn't like seafood in our house. she hates it. tilapia, maybe. with a side of mushrooms and a lemon glaze. hot tea next to it because i can drink tea with anything. maybe a piece of leftover pound cake for dessert, then retreating to the library to read the newest additions to my collection, while listening to some classic soundtracks. to me, this is leading a simple life. 

it's not about the endless parties you have, or the baking excursions with best friends. or the one-thousand dollar shopping sprees to neiman marcus or that delightful new thing you saw in the bookstore today. i think it's about making memories. myriads of memories. of being able to say that was us. do you remember when we were here? instead of living a blow-through, all-over-the-place kind of life, where you can barely remember a thing. but being able to go back and instantly light-up because of that time when he spilt marinara sauce all over himself. 

this morning, i am now sifting through newspapers to make my birthday party invitations, joy and mommy are going to paint, daddy is watching sports replays, and i'm here. just being inspired. 
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-kiss kiss kiss, hug a blanket-
{pee ess: photo challenge this wednesday.}


  1. This was beautiful! What a lovely story to share. Isn't Kinfolk just perfect? I have the first volume and am so excited for the second to come out. Thanks so much for linking up! :) And in answer to your question, I actually have two younger sisters, and four younger brothers, in that order. :)

  2. That's what I want too. I want to live in a simple, small one story home with a porch full of hanging plants and such. I want my life to be full of making memories. I want to be a traveler... explorer. :)

    Lovely post, dear. :)

  3. This. Was. Lovely. I feel like that is just how I want my life to be.

  4. love it. can i come live with you?

  5. beautiful post! Be sure to invite me over to read and listen to soundtracks in your library! ;)

    much love♥

  6. How pretty! I wish I could write like you do! My posts are so feeble compared to yours. :(



  7. gorgeous post. . . what a thing to aspire to a simple life. . . how refreshing!

  8. Ok so you are officially dubbed the cutest, down to earth writer. I feel that when I read your blog you're not one of these "oh-i-must-write-words-to-please-everyone" type of blogger.

    Beautiful post, friend!

    I would like to live a rather simple life as well. My mom cooks seafood every now and then. Want to come over? ;)

  9. So beautiful!! I want a simple life, too...especially with the library. ;)

  10. I love that song "Moonriver"!!!! It was about the only thing I liked about Breakfast at Tiffannys.
    Beth xx


sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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