i am sorry, but i just cannot resist

this post is indefinitely overdue, and now that it comes down to it, this is my last fangirl post for peter pevensie of this year. above it says "william moseley was my first and only celebrity crush." and though i was not the person who wrote this, i suppose it applies. in regards to this post, i do like boys. there's nothing wrong with it, and i think it's been nearly seven years since i first heard of peter pevensie, and saw the first Chronicles of Narnia. and has the crush left? not just yet. 

in other news, he has a twitter, and is working on a new movie in the very near future. pardon me while i gush. 
-kiss kiss kiss, GUSH-


  1. aww..I'm miss your posts on him though. He is quite beautiful, err..I meant handsome. ;)

  2. Oh, you fangirls make me laugh so much! XD
    But I will admit he is quite fine looking....I'm not really a Narnia fan myself.
    I always feel more like Edmund than Peter most of the time.

  3. His accent and his face both just make me wanna melt! :"D Thanks for sharing, Jocee!

    Diary of a Beautiful Soul

  4. Jocee! Yaya! I've been biting my fingernails waiting for this post! *swoon*... he's growing up! He looks so dashing and handsome!... i am the same way, "william moseley was my irst and only celebrity crush".... its like seriously? Justin bieber? Will moseley for the win!! xD

  5. He is so handsome! (and you know i don't say that about many guys ;)

    love you and your blog!! :)

    much love♥

  6. Okay--he's cute.
    There's this story that makes me think of you. Have I told you it before? About the guy my brother is in halls with, who was friends with the actor of Edmund at school?

  7. You crack me up, girl. :) But yes, he is very swoon worthy. ;)

  8. Jocee,your infatuation with his dashing looks are hilarious ,but I can agree he does look handsome.


sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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