the last sunset

december 31st, 2011. 5:46pm.
As I write this, I am in the car, driving home from grandma and grandaddy's house. Watching Mildred Pierce, if that's of any importance. Christmas this year was gorgeous. I didn't get anything on my intended list, but I think that it was better like that. To get exactly what you want is boring. No surprises. No genuine shock. But this year, I received everything that I didn't think of.

The Christmas season came all to quickly. And left just the same. I think there's a reason that Christmas is at the end of the year. Maybe because the anticipation is more greatly appreciated than it would be if Christmas was in, say, July. After Christmas ends, it seems like there is no point left in the year. But what we forget, is that the year isn't over yet.

I was going to do a reflection post today. Say something that I did each month. Something that I learned. Post my most favorite photos. But as I listen to the music that's playing in the background, I don't think that's really what I was intended to write.

The sunset is beautiful today. To my right there's nothing but an icy blue. It lightens as I look above me, but to my left the clouds are pink almost like cotton candy. Then they turn to pastel, and fade into orange. Hues of red and even the smallest bit of green, before the blue appears again and then a deep rich shade of purple. Though not as spectacular as the magenta I saw on my trip to California, I am still mesmerized.

To anyone in general, this is just a sunset. But to me, this is the end of an era. Two thousand and eleven. We had fun. We cried. We teased each other. We dreamed. We wrote. We came. We saw. We conquered. If I could describe 2011 in one word in would be... precious. Erase everything bad that happened. Embrace all the good that did. The way little children waddle to their parents. The amazing form of your little sister's eyelashes. This year I paid attention more. Took it all in. And next year, in a nutshell, I'm going to do more.

I'm going to compose. Like a musician, who makes sure the harmonies are perfect and orchestrates and notates, I am composing my life. As far away as it seemed then, it's here now. We are growing up. I am growing up. I am the composer and the orchestrator and the conductor. And my pieces will be played by many.

We are almost home now. A lone firework just went off in what seemed like the middle of nowhere. A thousand birds just floated by in scattered patterns across the breeze. The hues are turning to magenta. Perhaps this sunset will match the one in California.

Happy New Years, to you and yours. What will you compose in this upcoming year? I leave you with this:
the last photo i took, plus:

my Christmas.
-kiss kiss kiss, hug a palette-
{pee ess: in other news, my capitalization just came back. Isn't that weird? I don't feel like changing it back, so, there you go.}
[EDIT: i missed posting this on new year's eve. maybe all the better for new year's day itself. have a beautiful one, beautifuls.]


  1. You're such a great writer Joc! And I love the pic. haha


  2. Beautiful! I couldn't have said it better myself. Seems like the best post ever to end 2011 :) Great job again!


  3. Happy New Year, Jocee!


  4. beautiful :)
    also, send me a pice of that pie!
    happy new year :) :)

  5. loverly, darling. happy new year! ♥♥

  6. Absolutely beautiful <3
    Enough said (:

  7. Beautiful post, Jocee! The photos are lovely as well and kudos to you for noticing the smallest things in the past year. So many of us forget that even the smallest things are some of the most beautiful.

    I loved how you took something as simple as a sunset and turned it into something broad and vivid.

    Happy 2012, my friend!

  8. p.s. Ok, I promise I will {try hard!} not to ask this again - but how do you make a scalloped photo again? I tried the tutorial you sent me, but it messed up. :/

    {You don't have to publish this, but it really doesn't matter!}

  9. Lovely post, Jocee! I hope that you have a beautiful and utterly fabulous year! Here's to 2012!!!


  10. Gah! I loved this post! (: You are such an amazing writer!! + I love the pictures!

  11. You have such a way with writing :) Happy New Year, Jocee!


sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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