le happy ~ christmas edition

santa baby
apple pie + french vanilla ice cream + whipped cream
planning fun outings with the aunt & uncle
more Christmas music
william moseley-filled dreams
golden keys
27 dresses
seeing your breath 
fuzzy boots 
ships in glass bottles
jack sparrow
grandparent's yearbooks
vintage jewelry
cran-apple juice
glowing lights
fields full of fog
sparkling grape juice
special mac + cheese
chalk snowflakes
grandaddy's phonograph 
cupcakes for Jesus
purple roses
impromptu naps
nerdy cute
collin + ryan 
speed racer
bokeh + lace curtains
1940's radios
mason jars
fancy pillows
lucy ricardo
baby grand pianos

in a moment, grandma and i are going out for a day of shopping until uncle q and aunt mary arrive. that 70's show is on right now and i'm enjoying relaying the events of where i was in california. the cold and i are having a love/hate relationship. i would marry it if it snowed. oh please, weather? turn for the best. love, jocee.
-kiss kiss kiss, hug kelso- wait, no, hug will turner. he's cute. 


  1. Okay, it's official, you're the awesomest person ever.
    That 70's show (: I watch that even though it annoys my mom. hehe.

  2. you're having a love/hate relationship with the cold? join the club, girlie!! i can't believe it's nearly january and it hasn't snowed here yet--my firm belief is that there's no point to winter if it doesn't snow :)

  3. heheh, hug kelso... he's so funny. hey, do you link up to this somewhere, or are you the hostess?

  4. bokeh + lace curtains? vintage jewelry? seeing your breath? ohh yes.

  5. This post makes me smile. :) It just snowed here for the first time this year, and its already disappearing fast. :(

  6. Ahhh! 27 dresses is one of my favorite movies!! <33

  7. Love. All of it. I looked at my grandparents' yearbooks once, too! It was so great with those crazy 50s glasses and the big hair.

    p.s. i want a baby grand so badly! AND all three of my best friends have one! :o


sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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