dear soldier,

written on Christmas Eve, 2011.
dear soldier, 
Merry Christmas. wherever you are, whether or not you're with your family, whether or not you have any family at all, know that you are loved and thought of by me, and lots of other people in the world. i don't know what inspired you to be a soldier. maybe you saw what happened on 9/11 personally. maybe one of your loved one was a victim. maybe it just looked cool to you and you decided to do it. there are so many possibilities. and we're glad you chose one.

i bet it's hard getting up at some crazy hour in the morning. heck, i can't even get up at seven! much less get up at five, or four. we all want to sleep in. to rest. for that one person to get off our case. and yet you persevere, and see and go through things that would kill any other person to even think of. i expect that's before battle.

you have to leave your family and your friends, and possibly leave the country, and serve for its own good because we are the land of the free and the home of the brave. you want to stand true to those words, i understand. at least, i hope i do.

i've seen quite alot of you around. on planes, at camp, i even saw one of you in hobby lobby the other day. probably one of the most precious moments of my life. that under the camouflage and boots you are a genuine person. you have feelings, you have ideals, just like the rest of us. and yet you've been in difficult situations. the most difficult, i guess.

i bet you pay attention to the little things more, now that you've seen they can be gone in an instant. the way toddlers cling to their mother's legs. a trait that is passed down from one minute to the next. when someone is buying the same thing you are. when your favorite song comes on the radio. i bet you learn to cherish those things. so immensely that not even the biggest circumstance could force you to let them go. i admire you for that.

as i finish this letter, Christmas is over. New Year's has passed even. i'm not very good on my dates, i must say. but, dear soldier, who ever you are, wherever you are, whether boy or girl, thank you, from the very bottom of my heart. i hope you come across this at the right time. and i also hope you like virtual cupcakes, because:
i daresay these look quite good. i can even smell them! oh wait. that's my cupcake candle.
love, jocelyn.
-kiss kiss kiss, hug an 8-track-


  1. on behalf of my cousin {he's in the Navy} I wanna say thank you, Jocee. Thank you for writing this, and reminding us all just how much our soldiers sacrifice so that we can have a peaceful Christmas here at home.

    love always,

  2. beautiful, jocee. i have two friends currently enlisted, and i know they appreciate this. also, every one of my uncles, and both of my grandpas are veterans. god bless you for taking the time to say thank you♥


  3. Several of my best friends are going into the military. My daddy was in the air force, my grandfather was in the navy, and my great uncle was in the marines. This really hits home with me. I literally was on the verge of tears.
    I thank you, Jocee, for making this post. Its simply beautiful :)

  4. Oh Jocee. This is beautiful. So so so beautiful. I want to come and give you a hug. I want to write a letter to that soldier, too.


  5. This was absolutely beautiful. I really hope that some soldier sees this. Beautiful, dear. Simply beautiful. Now, I want this printed out and put in my inspirational book. :))


  6. That is a great letter Jocee. So sweet and true. I always wonder a way to say thanks perfectly...I think you've just about done it. You have a cupcake candle? Cool!!!!!!!!! Sierra
    Keep Growing Beautiful♥ (Cause You Are!)

  7. Aww. What a great letter! :) your perfecto my friend.

  8. Oh my. This was quite an inspirational and touching letter. You have such a beautiful heart, Jocee.

  9. I love your letters, Jocee! So sweet. Funny... I was in Hobby Lobby the other day and came across a soldier with a kid (maybe 3 or 4) in his arms. Such a grateful moment for those who go at war for us <3

  10. (P.S. Did I mention I love your letters? Yeah, you should do way more, love) tooda loo!

  11. Ahhh, Jocee. You are so sweet. (:


sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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