saturdays don't have to make sense

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today is one of those days, where i feel like disney pixar and doctor who marathons are in order. in which pound cake must be consumed with a mug full of hot tea, and fuzzy socks must be worn. in which lists must be made, in which the record player must be played, and a menagerie of daydreams will ensue.
in other news, i was awarded twice, by two very lovely people {maddy-darling and gracy-dearheart}. saturdays don't have to make sense, so why not?

//. Name your favorite song.
"someone like you" - adele
//. Favorite Dessert
//. What makes you angry
preston and anthony, but that's a whole different story.
//. When your upset
i write.
//. What's your favorite pet
aslan. seriously.
//. Black or White
in photo form, both.
//. Biggest fear
//. Everyday attitude 
the sun is shining, the tank is clean.
//. What is perfection
peter pevensie/jack sparrow
//. Guilty pleasure
guilty? i beg to differ. cupcakes.

seven random bits:
//. i love the way a needle moves on my record player.
//. i think this person is awesome.
//. and this one.
//. i'm too lazy to take down my birthday party decorations.
//. for the first time yesterday, i made it to my "tumblr daily post limit."
//. and i think that's silly.
//. i'm in love with the new anthropologie catalog, and i'm going to circle everything that i want now.

and yes, the seven random bits count for both tags. and so, i tag whoever pleases to be, and because saturdays don't have to make sense:
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have an elk, why don't you?
-kiss kiss kiss, hug the elk-


  1. :O Doctor Who must be watched! I LOVE Doctor Who! i even have one of the Doctor Who insider magazines ^_^



  2. Loving this song♥ {Brooke Fraser - Betty} Nice playlist.

    Saturdays should be random.

  3. Very fun! I think I need to get the anthropologie catalog. Love b+w photos.
    Have a lovely day.
    Love, hugs, rainbow lollipops,

  4. Pixar marathon? I LOVE you, girl. Today I'll be watching Bug's Life :)

    Fabulous summary of Saturdays. And, Fabulous you!

    (Sorry, that didn't make much sense.)

    Abbie /// XOXOXO

  5. Fuzzy socks were worn over here too(: happy saturday, Jocee! <3

  6. I like the elk. :) And for a random question... How to do make a clickable dropdown thing like you have for your button? I could make some use of that... :)

  7. I absolutely love your posts dear. I can relate to everything but the butterfly problem... yeah, not relating. quite alright though. (: Why yes, I will have an elk!

  8. I love love love love love this post. Black and white photos are my favorite. Amazing post, Dearie! :))

  9. i love your random posts. they're so cute and full of bubbles! <3

  10. oh, ms. jocee i truly love your posts.

  11. I like this post. A lot. Thank you for the tag, too. ;)


    P.S.- Happy-almost-Blogoversery! 18 days!

  12. birthday decorations should stay up all year round! that'd be cool.
    I love the gif, and finding nemo? yes please. :):)


    Yup. I've already invited myself. I'M COMING OVER.


  14. Disney Pixar is fabulous. Just saying <3

  15. Lovely post Jocee.:) I will gladly have an elk.

  16. Next time INVITE ME! I'll fly--nothing's too extreme when a Doctor Who marathon is involved :)

  17. you are such a dear. and you're so hipster! in a good way. it's adorable.
    i love your gifs, i think i need to make some. and the anthropologie catalogue; it must be gorgeous.
    i think i'll take the elk. :)

  18. dear darling jocee,
    "someone like you" is incredible. I sing my heart out ridiculously to that song.
    I write too. that or play the piano.
    aslan. ♥♥
    butterflies? really? ha, I laugh. but then, one of my biggest fears is dr. seuss.
    now, we need to have a talk. you see, I've handled your possession of peter pevensie very well. remarkably well, in fact. but jack sparrow? dear, dear, dear. here I am afraid I must draw the line, for you simply cannot have both. captain jack is my favorite. so please, can we share?
    ♥♥, jenn

  19. My dear dear Jocee,
    You are officially my inspration and role model. My new favorite artist is now A Fine Frenzy. You are wonderful.

    -Ryan♥ (This is the second time I've I've commented on this. I'm on love with your blog. I have become attached. I haope you don't mind me posting about it!)


sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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