awkward and awesome thursday

or alternately titled: i had nothing else to post so this is what you get.

- talking to my friend about natural laughs and then being told to laugh on the spot then a snort comes out.
saying goodbye to my friends at church and choking during the "good". {no, i didn't get to say goodbye to them at all.}
- trying to eat rice really fast and then realizing most of it fell out of my mouth and into my lap, messing up my perfectly clean jeans.
- when my six year old sister, joy, asks me how babies are made and i can only tell her that she doesn't want to know. 
- when said sister takes the opportunity to demean me at swim practice, and all of my friends gasp and turn their backs on me. {kristen, we don't eat fishsticks. stop beating me up over fishsticks!}
- going through old 2011 photos and realizing i took a photo of a dishtowel. dishtowel.

- finding the perfect wedding dress for myself even though my wedding is about ten years in the future. {ahem: here.}
- reading a poem about plumping up pillows for school. {seriously. here.}
- talking to my uber-logical friend kristen and not getting reprimanded.
- actually finding something vintage in my parent's room. 
- finding a word i can understand in the noah webster dictionary.
- successfully typing on the computer with my eyes closed, as i am actually doing right now. {<< no typos!}
three days until superiorly-stellar project with five other superiorly-stellar bloggers.
- the word "stellar" in general. 
said dishtowel. i have to admit, though, it does look really pretty in that lighting. 
but for now, -kiss kiss kiss, get peeta's leg back- {<< just for you, megan ;)}


  1. hahah that 4th awkward one made me laugh ;) and oooh i love that wedding dress!!<3


  2. Some nice points you have listed :) made me giggle.

  3. this is so cute! and that is a gorgeous wedding dress!


  4. Hey Jocee, you should do another "le happy" soon. Because I would totally link up. :) That's actually a super nice picture (yes, the one of the dishtowel.) I've probably taken pictures of alot weirder things.

    Abbie /// XOXOX

  5. Oh goodness. "get peeta's leg back." YES.
    I hope you know: I could scream pure joy about this project.
    And joy makes me laugh.

  6. this was the source of today's first chuckle. yesterday, my six year old brother asked me: "how do babies come out of the mommy's tummy?" I could only answer: "in a very special way. I'll explain in about 6 years or so..." and that wedding dress is perfect btw! :) (can't wait to see my button!) :]

  7. Ouch. I'm glad my sister hasn't asked me that yet...

  8. Great idea...Peeta's leg needs to come back!
    I have snorted at a terrible time...it is not fun. But it is funny when little sisters do it and then laugh harder because they did. Sierra
    Keep Growing Beautiful♥ (Cause You Are!

  9. "- when my six year old sister, joy, asks me how babies are made and i can only tell her that she doesn't want to know. "


    Oh, and cute wedding dress!

  10. I've been asked the 4th awkward one by my little sis! I told her the same thing :)

  11. It's a lovely dishtowel (:
    P.S Tagged you in a post today that's about to go up!

  12. haha, this is great. you gotta love those awkward moments...
    also, super stellar project... :DD

  13. the dishtowel thing is totally something I would do :) haha! it is nice lighting!

  14. The awkward of your sister asking how babies are made made me laugh, too cute. Oh gosh, I feel you on the dishtowel! Sometimes when I go back through older photos I sit there for a minute wondering "why did I take a picture of this?!" Gorgeous wedding dress.

  15. i laughed too for the fourth awkward one.

    and girl you have talent. i'm not gonna even attemt the typing with my eyes closed thing.



sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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