oh, february

//. valentines day is coming. not that i don't like valentine's day, but i was always the person who sat there and watched while everyone was kissing under the off-seasoned mistletoe or watching chick-flicks that made the men cry. this year, i'm thinking of doing something just a little bit different. the 14th is on a saturday tuesday {<<fail}. i might bake something special, macarons if i can get daddy to buy rice flour. brew some tea and read the Bible with Daddy God. watch pride & prejudice with mommy, maybe? as lovely as it would be to have a guy to spend this iconic day with, i don't need one. besides, joy give me more kisses then a puppy dog.

//. i now ask myself what i would do without journaling. some of the things i wish i could say but don't have the courage to say can just go down on paper; jumbled thoughts and brainstorms as well. i can rant without admonition, speak my mind without being reprimanded and ramble on like a maniac. i find some comfort in those beautiful blank pages, and right now, i am due for a week 5//52 entry. i can't wait to get it all out.

//. each day i find myself becoming more and more obsessed with black&white. there's something about the stillness that it adds to a photo and in a way, the memory seems to come alive without even moving. this is the first time i had cake balls. they're kind of good. like cupcakes, only they're in ball form. there's even one with a j on it! {j is my favorite letter. just so you guys know}

//. living in texas, with summers that pretty much want you dead, the dormant months are easily able to be looked forward to. the current weather pattern is in the mid-70's // mid-60's, and to be honest i would be content with it like this all year round. unless it snowed every once in awhile, because snow means narnia and narnia means peter pevensie... {i think you guys know where this is going, so, i'll let your imagination take it from here.}

//. all-in-all? i think it's going to be a pretty good month. i've actually had some time to craft more, and think more, and just let my creative juices flow. {my mom says my creative juices are flavored to be tropical punch? okay.} speaking of creative juices, i really need to get going on my etsy shop. and if you really want to know, this picture above is a special sneak peek to le awesome project that will be revealed in four days. four. so, be excited. okay? okay. 

oh, february. i kind of like you.
-kiss kiss kiss, hug chandelier- 

{pea ess: is anyone else in denial that tim tebow isn't going to be in the super bowl? as much as i don't care much about football, i really like tim tebow.} 
{pea pea ess: my 300 follower giveaway ends tomorrow night! so, you guys should hop-a-long over there and enter. just saying. but, you can do whatever makes your dessert taste good. although i advise you to eat it because the ladies on the titanic waved off the dessert cart. seize the moment, you guys. that's all i'm saying.}


  1. cake balls = ♥
    I love the pictures! :)

  2. I cant believe Valentines has come round so quick! I dont have a valentine this year :(

  3. yay. black and white is most definitely the best.

  4. I think V-Day is a Tuesday. Pretty sure.

    I can't wait for my birthday! It's on February the 26th, a Sunday:)


    Abbie /// XOXOX

  5. this is my favorite month! partly because I love Valentine's Day, partly because I was born the day after Valentine's Day ;) I was going to make some macaroons on my birthday, but I have to see where I can get rice flour... maybe Walmart has it..
    I might steal your valentine's day this year, since I don't have a guy to spend it with *cough* actually that would be awkward, the guys I hang out with are so not that type. eww. ok.
    So excited for your project!!

    1. Happy early birthday, Marcia! Isn't February a fabulous month? :)

  6. Valentines day is a Tuesday this year Jocee. :) I know because I'm trying to find a way to shower after my dance class before my date without having to go all the way home. I'm going to bathe with a cloth and tap water. We'll see how that works out. Haha.

    Anyway, sounds like a good month to me!

  7. you should add a reaction to the end of your posts -- "giggly." That's almost always how I feel when I'm through with one of your posts. The ladies on the titanic waved off the desert cart. Oh, my XD

  8. the last photo is so lovely!! I'm not a fan of valentines day, if i had a valentine then i might be! :)

  9. uhm, last I checked the 14th is a Tuesday. unless you live in a different world than me, like Narnia--in which case, I'm jealous.
    cake balls are extraordinary, and so is writing writing writing your heart out in a notebook. oh, I love notebooks.
    j ain't a bad letter, if I do say so myself. ;)
    here, in the beginning of February, it's usually gross and blizzardy and slushy and icy and cold. remarkably, we're having days in the 50s and 60s. I'm loving it.
    can't wait for your project! oh, and if you don't mind me asking--where did you get that lovely blue striped tape? I lovelovelove it. methinks I want to get me some.

  10. Time flies! I can't wait for valentines day! <333

  11. yuck, Valentine's Day :P I mean...I kinda have a boyfriend...and we're gonna go out to eat and to see a movie...but STILL. It's not my favorite holiday.

  12. this was a loverly post, jocee! i, too, wish it would snow and we could go to narnia.(:
    i'm excited about the surprise!! :D


  13. I love February as well! FYI: On the 29th of February (leap year), it is tradition/custom in some countries that the woman may propose marriage to the man. Interesting isn't it?
    Happy February!:)


  14. February is great! We start to get pull away from this wintery weather (though we haven't really had a good winter where I live) and spring starts to lace the air.:) I love love love this post!

  15. These are such great pictures! Happy February! :)

  16. That package is so, so cute! I wanna go send someone something in a package like that now.


sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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