dear boys, iv

dear jared, 
um, it's wednesday and your face is out of whack again? is there some new facial in-whack and out-of-whack schedule that i don't know about? because, you said that your face was perfectly good on sunday, monday, wednesday, friday, and saturday. but you lied to me. and now i have to adjust my eyes again. your boat just sunk. i think it was the titanic. 
i need glasses now.

dear stalker, 
i told your younger and more mature brother to tell you to leave me alone. obviously, you decided to follow your own advice. good thing you're leaving on friday because otherwise your head wouldn't be attached to your shoulders anymore. you should also know that i have really sharp teeth.
unofficial vampire.

dear brian,
i have a letter for you. you're probably never going to read it, but still. 

dear eli,

i have one for you, too. 
i can't believe this is happening again,

deer peeta,

if katniss won't love you, i will. let's get married! 
i'll even propose myself.

dear gale,

so, i've been planning to kill you. nova and i agree that you should be electrocuted as a sense of irony. i just hate you so much, you know?
it's nothing personal, 
well, actually, it is.

dear demarius,

yeah, girls talk alot. what did you expect? we were born mute?
the one who doesn't stop talking.

dear kyle,

i love the fact that you gaped at my gorgeousness the other day. i think it's just hilarious. you may think that i looked good then, but just wait until the oscars,
with hilarity,
your expression was priceless.

dear peter,

don't worry. i haven't forgotten about you,
i hope you won't forget about me either. 

-kiss kiss kiss, hug effie trinket-
{pea ess: i finished mockingjay last night. anyone else think the ending was too short?}
{pea pea ess: i'm having mixed feelings about the fact that there isn't a photo in this post. is that weird?}


  1. hhahahha i lovve the peeta and the unofficial vampire one.. ;) <3

  2. Haha, these were too funny. I.am.obsessed.with.the.Hunger.Games. Oh, and the Peeta one. Haha. :)) Oh and totally agree about Gale.

  3. Oh, and I am going to San Antonio, Texas{I believe} to watch my sister swim at a meet. :)) Haha.

    You don't need to publish this comment. Unless you want to. Haha. :))


  4. Jocee, will you please guest post on my blog? :)

  5. Love this! Except for the Gale part, because I'm totally a Gale fan! :)
    The stalker and face part crack me up every time you write about it!

  6. About those letters? I did the same thing for Watson. Except I burned mine with fire so no one could ever read them. Lol.

  7. :D contented sigh. your post always crack me up. except for the killing Gale part. But peeta, yes. :)

  8. i don't know if i ever wanted to kill gale, but i wanted him to die. all he ever did was destroy! i thought there was not enough good stuff in the end of mockingjay to make up for all the pain and loss. but, i'm still glad i read them =)


  9. ...how about Peeta dies and Katniss returns to Gale?? ;D

    1. But that would totally ruin the whole drama lover part of how Peeta always loved her and how clueless she was to his affection.

  10. I was so frustrated by the ending of Mockingjay. I mean, I was satisfied with how it ended, but it was too rushed.

    Peeta = ♥
    Gale = 50/50

    Maria Elyse

  11. PEETA KATNISS GALE! I know who they are... but I don't. SIGH. I need to read the Hunger Games. Now if only I wasn't 56th out of 56 on the library list...

    1. oh, darling. don't worry. i was 28th on the waiting list and the next day i was 12th. they read the books FAST. really.
      -jocee <3

  12. Why dont u like Gale??

  13. this is helarious, jocee! love this post : )
    thanks for sharing and don't worry about no photos...happens all the time to us bloggers!
    holly <3

  14. gale. i could kill him, he aggravates me so bad. filthy traitor. thank you for putting me in a hunger games mood, i think i'll read one of the books for the seventeenth time tonight. #notlying #iamobsessed. but peeta? oh, an entirely different story. i need my future husband to be exactly like him.
    i really need to do a post on this. i have so much to say.

  15. Totally agree on Gale! And Peeta is just so squiiishy! :) xx

  16. Gale can take a hike. Imma Peeta girl forever <3

  17. "it's nothing personal,
    well, actually, it is."

    hehe you make me laugh. ;)

  18. Shame on all the Gale haters of course he will never compare to Peeta but who would I mean Peeta didn't have his best friend put in the hunger games and have to provided for her family. I think under those circumstance it would make anyone bitter.


sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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