keeping my temper

this is joy. yes, we know joy is cute. moving on...

joy's my little sister. if you have siblings yourself, then you know by alot of blood, sweat, and tears that they're not exactly what they seem like when other people are around. can i get an amen? i mean, don't get me wrong, i love my sister. but she's very good at pushing my buttons. if you could get a humanitarian award for pushing buttons, joy would be the lifetime recipient. but, for one whole day, i decided to put that aside and be nice to her. if you're dying to know, then yes, i am still alive.

the day starts with the usual groggy joy, slumping down the stairs and waddling over to me to beg for breakfast and a blanket. i'm hungry, who's going to get me breakfast is her signature saying at the moment. instead of telling her to wait for daddy like i always do, i get up, and get her a big bowl of cornflakes. then she steals my blanket. being the lovely, adoring sister that i am, i go upstairs and get another one, because only an idiot would sit in a cold house without a blanket.

after her second breakfast {which is everyone else's first, because only joy eats cereal that early in the morning} she perks up and proceeds to tackle me with hugs and kisses and screams of look at those chunky-wunky cheeks! you're so cute. family joke. and of course she takes advantage of these hugs, because usually i'm the person running up the stairs for dear life. for a six year old, she's really strong.

to be perfectly honest, the day continued as such, but at swim practice she decided to tell all of my swim friends what a meanie i was for stealing her fishsticks. i would like to make something clear to all of you: our family has not bought fishsticks for eight years. joy is six. she shouldn't even know what fishsticks are.

but i grinned and bore it. and got hit a few times from my said swim friends. but this time i didn't defend myself. why? because i was keeping my temper. and my swim coach always says i whine. i don't whine. i get excited.

eventually, bedtime rolled around and the day was over. it was exhausting
². emphasis on the squared. however, i survived. and as a reward, i am going to drool over this cupcake: 
i was really good, you guys. really good.
number fifteen of sixteen before sixteen = complete.

-kiss kiss kiss, real or not real- {<< i can't get over it, megan.}
{pea ess: finished mockingjay a few nights ago. i have mixed emotions right now, so i don't really know what i feel. i do know, that i love peeta though.}
{pea pea ess: to those who want to know why i don't like gale, he just wasn't my sort of guy. he was self-centered and said that katniss would choose whoever she couldn't survive without (spoilers), not who she loved. he just annoyed me.} 


  1. This was stellar. real or not real?
    Definitely real.
    hey you. you're pretty cool. ;)

  2. you still haven't tried a peppermint mocha? do it. now. btdubs, it's not just a holiday item. GO.
    and props to you for being nice to your sister for a whole day! I sure do know a lot about annoying little siblings... :P

  3. kudos on being nice to your sister!(;

  4. haha! i might need to try this soon because i def. have not been keeping my temper. at all. ;)
    real or not real. sigh. so cute. but i still like gale. ;)

  5. man, another girl who read THG said she didn't like Gale. I LOVED Gale! He was pefect for Katniss. Peeta was a timid weakling. I hate him. :)

  6. congratulations... that defiantly needs a cupcake (make that a dozen). I'm playing housekeeper/mama while my parents are away.. let me say, that keeping my temper is slightly (VERY²) difficult with a boy and a girl who are 5 years apart and fight like cats and dogs. Anyways... :P

  7. AY-MEN. I have seven siblings, and while they're not bad, they also know just what to do/say to make me crazy. Good on ya for being nice to her for a whole day!

    Lol, Gale was pretty annoying. And I think at times, Katniss was too, if only because of the way she treated Peeta.
    Jessica @ Diary of a Beautiful Soul

  8. I know what you mean. I have 6 other siblings and my mom is about to have twins. It's really hard to control myself sometimes. (And I'm really glad when I do!) They can just bug me until I want to scream!

    P.S Your sister is adorable!

  9. Jocee, would you guest post on my blog please? My email is: literary_girl@yahoo.com

  10. I.love.this.post! I know how you feel...sometimes it's hard to keep my tempter with my little sister. =)

  11. Congrats, Jocee, on completing another task on your 16 before 16! I have three younger sisters, so I know how you feel. I might just have to give this a try some time soon :)

  12. i need to do this. thanks for inspiring me, girlie! EXCEPT I HAVE FOUR SIBLINGS to be nice to for a WHOLE DAY. [excuse capitals. i couldn't resist.]
    four siblings - being nice to them - for the whole day? with God's help, i can do it. plus, as i said before, you inspire me. i'll have to do it.

    also, excuse my ramblings. :{) <---<< mustache man!


    a c a c i a !

  13. amen! i have 4 brothers--no sisters. :D

  14. good job being nice to your sister. i have a 6 year old sister as well... so i know. she's great - and sometimes annoys the heck out of me.
    being nice to all three of my siblings - all day? i could do it. it would be hard - but i could do it. maybe.

  15. you are so encouraging and inspiring!! :)


  16. i dont have any siblings so i can't relate to that but i can just imagine!

  17. I seriously need to try this! :) xx

  18. So true! How inspiring, Jocee.
    I'm so glad I'm back, I can read your great posts again! :)

  19. But Gale was Katniss's Best Friend!! And he was a hunter!! Katniss needs someone to help her survive not someone who will bake her cookies!

    Sorry I just LOVE Gale!!

  20. I completely understand about the siblings. I have eight of them, so I get it. People think we never fight. I laugh at them and their delusions of perfect pastor's kids. :)



sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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