i don't know if i should be leaping

//. i'm not exactly used to leap day. i mean, everyone knows what leap year is. however, leap day is a totally different story. it's 9:49am as i write this, and there's a steady rain sheeting down outside the window. the maple trees are dripping water, and the autumn leaves that have seemed to hold on for this long are finally letting go.

//. remember monday's post? funny thing is, right after i hit publish, some of the inspiration started coming back to me. perfect timing, eh? could've come a little earlier, but i am happy, nonetheless. because of yesterday's trip to the library, i am now in possession of four new things of reading material. two are by the infamous john green, one by the ever-romantic jane austen, and one by the most recently discovered sara zarr. so, considering the fact that my mind has been aching for something to cry over since i finished the fault in our stars and the hunger games trilogy, i should be tied over for awhile.

//. yesterday was national pancake day, today is free cookie day at subway. currently, my out-of-the-house plans consist of piano practice and church, and other than that i can pretty much zone out and dream of joshua's jaw for the rest of the time. which means that i should be able to convince mommy to get me a cookie. should.

//. there's a funny thing about years. they start and you think it'll be so long until it's over. then the first month ends and you're a bit shocked. then the second month ends and you're appalled. then each other month ends in turn leaving you flabbergasted when december comes around again, and it continues all throughout your life. it's like procrastination. you never think the night before the comp paper is going to come, then it does, and you're toast.

//. i've been neglecting cupcakes lately. but, be sure that tomorrow will bring an abundance of oscar cupcake goodness, courtesy of my celebrity aunt, who actually is a celebrity.

//. random photo because all-text posts scare me:
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my mind is happy now. 
it's leap day, and i don't know if i should be leaping.

-kiss kiss kiss, ok- {meganmeganmegan}
{pea ess: i was going to say something that i think you were going to like, but i forgot what it was. sorry, guys.}


  1. AH. ok+our three repetitive word habit. we're so cool.

  2. you are adorable jocee. i just love you. <3

  3. leave it to you to successfully write about leap year... :D

  4. joshua's jaw... great, now you have me dreaming and distracted. which is a bittersweet thing. i should be focusing on important stuff, but on the other hand... joshjoshjoshjoshjoshjoshjoshjosh...
    lovely post, as usual, jocee. you never fail to make me smile =D

    Jessica @ Diary of a Beautiful Soul

    1. haha . . . you people talking over other people's jaws just crack me up.

  5. Lovely list, Jocee! I hope you don't mind, but today I wrote a "Le Happy" post -- I gave credit to you, but let me know if that's not okay. If you'd like to see, here is the link :
    Have a wonderful leap day! ;)

  6. it is crazy how fast a year will go. I swore I lost 2009 altogether. and I don't even remember having a monday this week.

  7. Nice picture! What kind of camera did you use? (:

    1. it's not my photo, sadly. you can find the photographer when you click the "source" link under the photo :)

  8. Haha, freakin loved this post..
    Now I am curious to who your aunt is! ;)

  9. Which Jane Austen book did you get?

  10. Oh no no no, why didn't I know that there is a thing called a national pancake day? Sounds like an awesome idea! :) Maybe I'll remember that next year.

  11. this is funny. all these leap year posts have just uploaded onto my dashboard! and it's the 1st of march here!!!! it can get kind of annoying...any way...
    funny, witty post as usual jocee.
    you're brilliant.
    just thought you should know : )
    Holly <3

  12. Psh. I so totally knew that yesterday was a leap day.
    I did.
    Moving on.


sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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