quality || quantity

i've been contemplating this for awhile now. have you noticed? i haven't been posting as often as i usually do. my variety of topics seems to be lagging and it won't seem to catch up with today's thoughts. quite frankly, i've been thinking of taking a blog break, because i feel so dry that it seems as though the most barren desert on earth has suddenly become niagara falls. i don't like feeling like this, and i want it to stop. but i can't find any other way to stop it.
i seem to use the same old photos, do the same old things. i can't seem to surprise myself.

quality |ˈkwälətē| noun ( pl. qualities
1 the standard of something as measured against other things of a similar kind; the degree of excellence of something: an improvement in product quality | people today enjoy a better quality of life.
• general excellence of standard or level: a masterpiece for connoisseurs of quality | [ as modifier ] : a wide choice of quality beersfrom the apple dictionary

quantity |ˈkwäntətē|
noun ( pl. quantities )
1 the amount or number of a material or immaterial thing not usually estimated by spatial measurement: the quantity and quality of the fruit can be controlled | note down the sizes, colors, and quantities that you require.
• a certain, usually specified, amount or number of something: a small quantity of food | if taken in large quantities, the drug can result in liver failure.
• (often quantities) a considerable number or amount of something: she was able to drink quantities of beer without degenerating into giggles | many people like to buy in quantity. from the apple dictionary

shorter posts, less meaning and more space-fillers. a way of keeping time. the quality of your posts is what shapes your blog, and lately, i do believe that the shape of cupcake dictionary has been differentiating. quantity has a different standard with different people, and for the most part, i do enjoy my posts to be longer in length. but i realize that the only reason i enjoy this is to put myself at ease.

i'm almost afraid of taking a blog break. because when i don't do something on blogger it seems like the world slows down, and it won't speed up unless i write something to keep it's time. but this isn't why i blog. and i need to change my perspective. i don't think i'm making much sense right now. this is the first time in a long time that i'm having trouble with the words i want to say.

from now on, i do not want to blog so much for quantity, but i want to focus on the quality of what i write. and i want it to resonate in you as you read it. at the moment, i won't be taking a blog break, however, i will be taking more time to understand what i want to write about. and while i do that, i'll be sure to incorporate some cupcakes. because i know i haven't told you all my cupcake tales as of late.

for now, please, bear with me. i hope my antics have made sense to you. 
-kiss kiss kiss, ferme la bouche!-
{pea ess: now would be a good time as well, to guest post. i haven't done that in awhile.}


  1. i'd DIE if you let me guestpost!! :) lol. just be YOU when you post, and post about what YOU want(:

  2. i totally get it. i've felt the same way at certain points in my life. just take a week or two off to get re-energized. it'll really help :)

  3. oh! as odd as this may sound, please ask your mother if she would ever do a guest post on my blog for mother's day. i've read some things you've posted about her and i would love for her to write about the deepest impacts a mother truly has on her children and how a child impacts a mother's life as well. please ask her :D i would love for her to guest post :D thanks Jocee!


  4. I totally understand what you're saying. I used to kind of have a schedule of posting every other day... even that isn't a lot of posting, but sometimes it proves to be too much. And then I ended up posting for quantity instead of quality. I like to relate it to food, since I do that with everything else anyways. :] If I went to a restaurant, I would rather have some really good food that came in a smaller portion rather than unlimited crappy food. But still. I won't turn down any kind of food. :D

  5. jocee, dear, this is put wonderfully. have you noticed how i post once a week? i do this partly because 'i have a life to live, to enjoy, to work in'. you know what i'm talking about? blogging is wonderful. but life? - it's even better. therefore, live a week: write, dream, cry, maybe laugh, get inspired during that week -- then post. just write. let words flow. write about your week. post pictures from that week. oh, it works!

    yes quality // quantity is important.

    xo [the] acacia

  6. this is exactly how i have been feeling, lately. it's a good idea to take more time to think instead of less time to blog.

    by the way, i would love to guest-post =) if you'll have me, i can think of a number of topics. (ehemcupcakesehem)

    Jessica @ Diary of a Beautiful Soul

  7. yes... beautifully said.... yes

  8. Oh, Jocee..... I totally understand. That was me last month, I just broke out of the fog. I would love to guest post for you sometime. If I did, it would have to do with something beautiful, but I wont know until I start writing. :)


  9. Yes, your antics make sense to me, though I think your last few posts have been just fine. Don't be too hard on yourself. If you like making long posts, then make long posts. And if you need a break, take one.

    {Also, I'd love to guest post on your blog :)}

  10. Aww, Jocee, I totally know what you mean. You worded this perfectly. I have felt this so many times as well. :)) Lovely and beautiful is what this was. :)))


    P.S. If you want a guest poster, I would love to! :))

  11. I totally understand! Sometimes it feels like I have to keep myself back from posting twice a day, and sometimes it's a struggle to even find anything to post. I usually have some little backup posts in my drafts to save for those times - you could try something like that! today's post, actually, was a backup post. anyway. quality posts sound great, even if they don't come as often!

  12. I know exactly what you mean! Lately I have had no idea what to say..and its been driving me nuts :P So for the moment Im just posting a bunch of Pinterest pictures and talking about whatever..Which still isnt the same :P I guess thats why my comments have been going down ( :'( ) :) Great post! :D

  13. I definitely understand. I feel this way all the time, but I, too, am afraid of taking an actual break. But breaks are great, you come back with more ideas and fresh eyes. :)


  14. if you ever want me to guest post, i'd be honored :D

  15. I totally understand how you feel my little muffin! wait, is calling you a muffin sacrilegious? seeing as you love cupcakes?
    anyway, quality is way better than quantity. and yes, posting about cupcakes will definitely bring inspiration. amen.

  16. yup yup, I get you, dear. quality > quantity, any day. also, your "ferme la bouche" totally made my day. I may or may not use that in real life. ;)

    1. yes. ferme la bouche has just officially become my new thing.

  17. I've tried to do a post everyday sort of thing, and while I had plenty of posts, I started drying up fast. So, I pretty much dropped to 'post when my heart says to'. Your posts are beautiful, even when short, Jocee! Do whatever you need to do to bring back your Niagra falls!

    So.....looking for guest posters are you? I know a girl who is interested...*whistles*

  18. yes i'm doing algebra 2. i find it quite difficult--then again i've never been very good with math... and here's an english muffin...you like jelly? butter? here's some of that too :)oh and tangled is just pretty much one of the best movies ever... just sayin :)


sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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