just little things {121-141}

121. realizing you're daydreaming.
122. waking up to the sun.
123. writing in a straight line with your eyes closed. 
124. trying something new and instantly perfecting it. 
125. quoting your favorite movie line and seeing a complete stranger join in. 
126. wearing a new outfit for the first time. 
127. finding a new favorite food. 
128. impressing him. 
129. planning your future wedding. 
130. reading//rereading a good book. 
131. smiling and seeing dimples. 
132. picking up the phone on the first ring. 
133. handwritten notes.
134. taking that perfect picture. 
135. when your mom makes your favorite meal.
136. finishing school early for the day. 
137. when you get 100%. 
138. a warm day and a cool night. 
139. getting that perfect idea. 
140. realizing your photography isn't half bad. 
141. the one thing about him that he hates, but you adore.

i was going post about camp, but this sort of seemed fitting. i have this sort-of-new obsession with overhead photography. tomorrow is my parent's 20th anniversary. dang, are they old. i just took my first homeschool formal dance class - boy-howdy was it awkward - and i finished a library book and i'm almost done with the one above. i may or not be in hiddleshock and hunger games-shock, and i just found out i'm going to be an assistant defense attorney for teen court. you should pray.

also, you guys, i really, really want tom hiddleston to tell me a story. i think my life is updated. 
-kiss kiss kiss, that is mahogany-
{pea ess: gotta love effie.}


  1. i heart this. a lot.
    and i heart you. a lot more.
    why must you be so fantastically amazing?

  2. number 125 is awesome! and happy anniversary to your parents! my parents are going to have their (grabs calculator) 17th this year. wow your parents are really old, or they got married young. :)

  3. My parents have been married 21 years :) Mine are older haha! :)

  4. My parents are celebrating their 16th anniversary in May... they're actually younger, but they got married when they were practically babies :P Tell your parents happy anniversary for me! :)
    Homeschool formal dance class? I can't even begin to imagine how awkward that would be -- it's interesting enough just being home-schooled and doing things like field trips with other homeschoolers. I would love to see your class haha.
    And oh my goodness, I need to finish Mockingjay so I can join in all this Hunger Games talk!


  5. the fact that I just now found out you had a photography blog makes me happy and sad. sad because I didn't find it sooner and happy because I found it.

    oh and this post could #142. cause it made me happy.

  6. awww, I love this Jocee! Seriously. :))) These are such an amazing series. Also....did you take that picture? Because it looks like something that could go on Pinterest. You should pin it. :)))

    1. yeah that picture is pretty much amazing. period.

  7. I love that picture. and this post. and you. and effie.

  8. somebody just made me awfully happy. JOCEE.

  9. love this:
    "tomorrow is my parent's 20th anniversary. dang, are they old."
    tell them I said happy anniversary! my parents have had their 25th, they have 3 grandkids, and they are only 43! gotta love it. yes, I'm bragging about my parents...how weird is that? it is so the wrong way round!

  10. Amen 124.Wouldn't everyone want that?
    126. love a new outfit
    128. i have tried SOOO hard to

  11. 125, 126, 128, and 130 = yes. i just love these 'little things' posts.

    Jessica @ Diary of a Beautiful Soul

  12. omw. I love this. 121, 128, and 131. yup. <3 <3


sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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