moments with mommy, v.ii

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 -outside {during the golden hour} leaving for volleyball-
joy: -points at me- you! 
me: -points at joy- you!
me + joy: -secret handshake- {because secret handshakes are beastly}
mommy: you two are just weird. 
me: mother! you're not supposed to say that! you don't let us say things like that to each other, so you can't say it to us.
mommy: um, quite the contrary. i'm mother, and i can say you two are weird and loud and whatever else. speaking of which, you two are especially loud. 
me + joy: -yells- that's her fault! 
mommy: and my point is proved.

the morning started quiet, but knowing my mom and sister, it's obviously not going to stay that way. i haven't exactly eaten breakfast, so for now it's orange flavored kool-aid and tom hiddleston to keep me otherwise occupied. i find chris evans to be adorable, and i promise you, a real post will come soon. inspiration-darling is on spring break with everyone else. goshbubbles.

-kiss kiss kiss, hug febreeze-


  1. Tom Hiddleston and orange juice is divine!!!

  2. chris evens is pretty adorable... ;)

  3. Ha. your mom is so hilarious. love her.

  4. heeheehee! You three sound adorable and hilarious. Also I like orange kool aid.

  5. haha hilarious!
    yesyes chris evans is very adorable and i just love the movie.

  6. that's so helarious!!
    is the shadow you, your mum or your sister? or it could be none...i was just wondering : P
    -holly <3

  7. sounds like a conversation my family would have! love it!


sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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