be jelly.

hi. so, guess what daddy brought home from his company-meeting-party-person-thing-whatever he went to! oh, wait. you don't have to guess. well, since you don't have to guess, i oblige you to swoon.
honestly the best cupcake i've had since sprinkles was at neiman marcus. and while we're on subject, guess what else daddy brought home? a crystal bowl from tiffany&co, because my dad is beastly. i feel like holly gollightly. now all i need is a kolache and some coffee. 
or maybe hot cocoa and a cupcake, because cupcakes are cooler and i don't drink coffee. but anyways, be jelly. what's your favorite flavor of cupcake?

-kiss kiss kiss, hey boo boo-
{pea ess: william moseley's 25th birthday is in fifteen days. start the count down, you guys.}


  1. uh you make me sick with all your wonderfulness :) and he's almost 25???!! what happened?!

  2. oh jocee - you made my mouth water. now, i'm persuading myself to buy a plane ticket to your state, taxis to your town, bus to your house. And then I'm going to stop in at yours for tea (and a cupcake. we can't forget the cupcakes.)

    and william - he's whopping 25?????!!!!!!! No. That didn't just happen.


  3. your cupcakes are making me so jealous! :P haha. love you Jocee!

  4. Oh my dear Jocee. I had the BEST cupcake in the whole world the other day. My mouth was seriously dripping saliva. Chocolate cake (THE BEST RECIPE EVER) and this fudgey-chocolately frosting that wasn't even frosting, it was much to smooth for that. With chocolate shavings on the top. It was the best cupcake I've ever eaten. Seriously.

    Anyway: That GIF is the bee's knees. :3

  5. CUP CAKE! Your Dad sounds really nice :) Once my daddy surprised us with a sewing machine, that was awesome, needles to say ;)


    ^^^my blog :)^^^

  6. Best cupcake was a spice cake with cream cheese frosting, just thinking about it is making me woozy.

  7. Yum yum yum :) Oh, and btw, I wrote about you in my post.... Yeah, I had a cupcake dictionary fangirl moment.

    Hehe :)

  8. Oh man, it looks so good. Why? Why did you post that photo...I'm on a no sweets thing and that looks so awesome. :(
    I love lemon. And vanilla...and chocolate, but I think my number one is lemon. :)
    What was the flavor of that cupcake??

  9. You're a swimmer....how long can you hold your breath?? :)

  10. when I first red the title of this... I thought it said "be jolly." haha, but oh man, why do you torture me?! IM SO HUNGRY!!!

  11. Fave cupcake: vinalla with buttercreme frosting with line sprinkles. It's plain, simple and DESCRUMPTIOUS!!!!
    Love the pic-video.
    Be jelly; smooth and yummy.
    Right >(.".)< Jocee >(.".)< ?

    Also, who's William Moseley?
    =^..^= Hunteress =^..^=

  12. best capcake is strawberry with strawberry cream cheese frosting!!! I just love it - I'm gonna have those at my bridal shower... oh yum!

  13. I've gotta run a race Saturday and you're making me want a cupcake. not good. ;)

  14. Ah, Jocee!! :) Now I AM CRAVING!! :)

  15. why must you torture me so? i went leaven-less for this week, and now my stomach will not rest till it has a cupcake. you are pure evil, wrapped up in cuteness. and that gif is simply amazing.


  16. Red Velvet/Strawberry are epic. Seriously.
    And yes, the countdown has begun.
    And I'm very jelly...You might even say I'm 'Jelly Clarkson'. xD Bad puns(:

  17. Lemon and chocolate flavored cupcakes are superb! Especially when they're topped off with Mamma's homemade cream cheese frosting! Yum! :)
    Thanks for making me drool, Jocee!

    Have a fantastic and delicious day! <3

  18. YUM! I love that MakeaGIF. SO COOL.


sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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