fiction fridays, part four.

experiments in manual.
{experimenting in manual. you're welcome.}
004. couch.
She had a very scientific, methodic approach when it came to certain things. Ritualistic, you could say. For instance: when she made her turkey sandwiches, she would lay her bread face-down on a plate; cheese first, lettuce on top (on the left piece of bread, of course), turkey next, then mustard (on the right piece, of course). The amount of lettuce had to be slightly less than that of the turkey, the mustard abundant but not too overpowering, and she would cut it diagonally and add a hefty amount of potato chips to balance the actual sandwich and the crunch. Maybe a pickle as well. She would eat in this order: sandwich, chips, pickle, and a sip of water or whatever else she had to drink. When others were with her at this time, they'd overlook it as it was merely her making lunch, but really, it was an affair that was so well thought out that it could win a Nobel Prize. 
     In the same way, she listened to the same song every morning. Dawn, from Dario Marianelli's Pride and Prejudice soundtrack, to wake her up. Some songs had to be accompanied by the sound of synthetic rain. Others didn't have that requirement. But all of this is said to show that she had a certain way of doing some things, most things, and though others didn't notice, this was the way she lived her life. And she was content in it.
     So, in the event that her parents bought a new set of living room furniture (she was also put in charge of its arrangement), she decided to take the Sheldon Cooper Initiative and find her "spot" on the couch. She tested every seat in the set, even the table! But it was on the three-seater couch that she found her comfort. The end seat on the left, directly behind the coffee table and to the right of the smaller side-table. It was directly in front of the television, and her reasoning in choosing that particular spot was because she would have adequate viewing, easy access to the outdoor air (as the windows were to her left), and be able to speak to others in the room without having to fully turn her body to face them. The only exception in which she found another seat was when hers was taken by a family member or unsuspecting friends. But most of the time, that seat was hers and only hers.

     As I said, she had a very scientific, methodic approach when it came to certain things. Ritualistic, you could say. And even if this is not properly fiction, but a sort of essay on my own life, you now know where  not to sit if you happen to drop by sometime soon.

so, it may or may not be sunday. i started this on friday, didn't get a chance to finish, and i knew i had to do it today. i hope you don't mind.
-kiss kiss kiss, falsetto-


  1. i know this is TOTALLY crazy, but you weren't at a wedding in Tennessee yesterday, were you?

  2. I loved this Jocee!!


  3. Haha okay. I could've sworn that was you I saw! ;)

  4. this is awesome :) i am SO like this!


sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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