totes hypster.

because i'm not any normal person, and i don't ask for normal person things {read: justin bieber posters, one direction books, selena gomez anythings}, last friday found daddy and i strolling {i'm trying to be poetic here} through fry's when the golden hour was settling in. we were looking for memory cards. like, 16GB's worth of memory cards because i was shooting a church affair the next day and who knows how many pictures i could take at that! but while i'm not any normal person, and i don't ask for normal person things, i do have normal person money, which constituted my paying for the memory card. but that was okay. because it was on sale.

we were going to the checkout line and i was wondering if fry's was the sort of place that had vinyl albums, and low and behold, a stack full of vinyl was right in front of me. abbey road by the beatles {for katie, had i not been told that i was spending enough money already}, barton hollow by the civil wars {for carlotta, had i not been told that i was spending enough money already}, and countless other albums by random people who were dead to me because i didn't know/didn't care to know who they were. only because daddy knew he wasn't getting out of it sometime soon, he started sifting through the albums to find: oh hey, look, it's adele! 

i swear. i jumped around and screamed and shouted all the way up to the register, in which i was told that i had to be eighteen to by a vinyl lp. i mean, did he think i was going to snort it or something? but it was okay. because daddy was standing right there, so it counted.

and so, i inserted my memory card into my camera {but that's a whole different story}, and held my lp protectively as i rode to grandma's and proceeded to tackle mommy out of excitement and danced like a maniac when i put the album on grandma's phonograph. praise God for vintage people. i then decided that i was too hipster to be hipster, and therefore became hypster. and to celebrate, i rolled in the deep and ate an ice cream sandwich.
number three of sixteen before sixteen >> complete. oh yes.
-kiss kiss kiss, you played it to the beat-
{pea ess: i need twelve guest posters because i'm leaving town for two weeks starting monday. so do comment and let me know if you can!}


  1. Oh my gosh, that's so exciting Jocee! Congrats on getting your album, and I can't get over that hypster term, haha :) Oh, and guest posts? I would be delighted to make one if you would let me! Love your blog as always xx

  2. I'd love to guest post Jocee :)
    I loved this post...although I might be crazy about One Direction, I like loving weird things. It makes me happy because I like to freak people out sometimes. *trying to think of a time in which this had happened and coming up with nothing*
    The weirdest thing I love right now would be...steampunk jewelry. However that is on the rise :) Love Adele, love that song :)
    Keep Growing Beautiful♥ (Because You Are!) Philippians 4:8

  3. I like your stories like this. They make me happy. :) I'd love to guestpost for you, if you still need me!

  4. Haha! This story is great :) And I'd love to guest post - let me know if you still need me!

  5. Ahhh! So cool! I'd love to own one :) And why 18??? Gahhh! People these days...
    Anyways, I'd love to guest-post! stephig12345@aim.com

    Have a lovely day!

  6. 18 to buy a vinyl??!! that's ridiculous. and i don't know how well you trust my writing abilities, but i'll guest post if you'd like.

  7. Isn't vinyl the best? I have Abbey Road by The Beatles and it sounds glorious.
    Also, I'd be more than happy to be a guest poster :)

  8. That is so neat! Glad you found that album. ;)

    I would be happy to do a guest post for you Jocee, that is if you still need me. :)

    Take care, and have a lovely day!

  9. "hypster".… seroiusly? That is the dumbest phrase I have ever read. How can you be MORE then hipster, when you aren't even one? Your pictures are mostly of random flowers. Your design is lame and cheesy and 99% of your posts are about you, or you acting foolish. I guess I forget that you are only 15, but you act about 13. You are just going to hate on this, perhaps make a blogpost "lashing out at anonymous" but let's grow up a bit here.

    1. and hiding behind anonymous is mature?

      hmm. i guess i missed that one.

    2. anon,
      i'm not going to hate on this comment, simply because it's your stated opinion, and i published it for the sole reason that i could reply to it, which i hope you'll read.

      i am not a hipster, i have no desire to be hipster, and "hypster" is just a fun thing that i thought would be cool for other people to take up. as far as photography and design is concerned: i am working up my photography to portraits and landscapes and while i am not satisfied with either, i am still learning. i'm not worthy of a national geographic prize, obviously. and for design, a new one is coming as we type... and i hope it's more to your liking.

      i do apologize that there are several things on this blog that you don't enjoy, however, hopefully in the future that wil not always be what you think! have a great day, dear. :)

  10. This is what I love about you...your ability to write delightfully entertaining posts about the little events that make up life. you rock. :)


    p.s. I'd love to guest post if you still need somebody. :) here's my address: reflectionsphotographyblog@gmail.com

  11. I'd love to guest post. :) hehe. love you dear. <3

  12. <3

    i'm not sure if i'll have enough time for a guest post, but email me if you need one, and i'll be happy to write something up :)

  13. I have some old Beatles records that used to be my dad's, as well as a bunch from bands I don't know as well. We don't have a record player, though, unfortunately. Some of my friends do, and it's fun. I'm so happy you were able to get one! :)

  14. Oh, I love records! I have some Doors and Barbra Streisand and I love them!

    P.S I love to guest post if there's still space available!

  15. ayee!! Adele is fantastic. I love Rolling in the Deep. One of my faves. ^_^ You seriously have to be 18 to buy a vinyl??? That's the lamest thing ever. lol. :P

  16. I think it's pretty awesome you found an Adele record. And seriously, now every time I spell "hipster", you come to mind. (Not that I spell it that often, but that's beside the point.)

    That was really mature, how you handled that anon comment :) And I'd love to guest post -- should I email you?

  17. That is so neat that you found an Adele record! :-) She is basically my favorite person ever, so yeah.

    I would love to guest post for you. Should I send you an e-mail?


  18. haha you jumped around and screamed!! I would probably do something like that...maybe not for an Adele record, but...yes, that sounds a lot like me:)

    I'd be willing to guest post. But I'd need to get it to you before this Saturday, as I am leaving for a family camping trip:)

    Let me know!

    ~Miss Raquel

  19. That was really mature, how you handled that anon comment :)

    I recently went through a attacking comment on another site and I wish on my first response I could have responded so maturely I'm so proud of you Jocee way to represent.

    1. I second this!! I would have lashed out. But you were mature, and I admire you for that! GO JOCEE!!! ♥ :)

  20. Adele record? I think yes! That is sooo awesome!!! Oh my gosh! My mom used to have ton of The Beatles records, I wish she would have gave them to me. *sigh*
    On another note, I'm usually one of those out of the ordinary characters but I have discovered that I have developed a bit of a crush on Louis from One Direction. *ducks from flying tomatoes* Don't tell anyone. *sheepish smile* Anyhoo...

  21. A vinyl Adele? Cool! You are so awesomely hypster. :D

  22. how awesome! and how hyspter :)
    I'd love to guest post if you still need it too! :)

  23. I love old records!! I really really wanted to get an Annette Funicello record awhile back in an antique store, but mom wouldn't let me. lol oh well. :)

    and i don't think i could be as gracious as you were with that anon comment. :/


  24. Oh yeah, and I like One Direction, and Karen Carpenter, and Julie Andrews, and the Osmonds. :)


    and did i mention selena gomez??? ;)

  25. p.p.p.s.

    and the beach boys!! :)

  26. Well, too late, BUT A I WANNA GUESTPOST.

  27. Ok, I just love this post. :D Adele is AWESOME! ♥ And if you want me to guestpost, I would definitely be glad to!!

    ♥ ya girl!

  28. I love vinyl records! They're so cool! My Dad owns several, including an amazing ELO lp which is just da beeses kneeses. :) And Adele is pretty awesome!
    Kimmy x

  29. You're hilarious! I'd love to guest post...my email is magnificentobsessionkk(At)gmail(dot)com if you want. :)


sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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