ten for ten on a hot day in june.

watering can.
she was twenty-one.
oh the things we do.
almost dark.
{1, pretty flowers on my morning mini-walk. {2, as the sun rose. {3, my old watering can. {4, writing in my moleskine and composition notebook; plus eraser. {5, adele's 21. {6, flowers at the edge of the driveway. {7, bright bokeh on a hot pre-summer's day. {8, my first double exposure: bokeh before dawn and bush after dusk. {9, nail-painting. {10, oak tree.

i figured that there wasn't any reason why i shouldn't do a post like this, so i did. i braved the 98-degree heat and took a million photos in the sun. i'm probably going to wake up with damaged skin tomorrow. and in conclusion, i take way too many photos outside.
-kiss kiss kiss, loafing pennies-
{pea ess: idea credit.}


  1. ha! 98... try 118. that was our high today.

    lovely shots, dear :) i really do admire your photog skills.


  2. dude, it was 51 degrees yesterday! hah.
    that third picture is amazing. <3

  3. wow, you got 98??? that's hot! oh, love all these pictures darling and thanks for your lovely comment on my vlog. be careful what you say though, I might just take you up on that skype session! ;-)

  4. Oh my gosh, 98? those shots are probably worth it though, beautiful beautiful post! I'm loving 3,4, and 5. I wish I had a moleskin! xx

  5. Love all these pics! :)


  6. Jocee,

    I've been reading {and adoring} your blog since July last year. It's so amazing and, my dear, so are you! I live in Canada far far away but I wish I lived closer to you because anyone with you as a friend is like, the luckiest person ever. Hope you have the best week ever and i can't wait to read what you come up with next :3

    your sister in Jesus,


    ps I'm sorry if this comment is completely random and weird xP i tend to be like that.

  7. these pictures are soo lovely, i especially love the second one, there's just something about it that i loved it :) xoxo

  8. can i just say your photos are incredible? they are.
    xo. :)

  9. You take such seriously gorgeous pictures!

  10. Nice pics! Hope you wore sunscreen in that type of heat!

    =^..^= Hunteress =^..^=

    (Seriously, Jocee, you look like Jamie Grace the singer. The way she sings is what I think your voice sounds like... Just putting the thought out there...)

  11. Dude, this is incredible. Absolutely love it <3


sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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