don't let them get you down.

i was very uncomfortable with writing this post. i fought with myself using stupid subjects like, but they're not all going to agree and i won't say what i want to say correctly; i might come off differently than i'd hoped. but then i realized, if i didn't write it, i may not be able to encourage that person who may of really needed this right now. it may not make another feel better, because they're experiencing the same thing. so regardless of my petty fears, i'm writing it. no matter what the outcome.

in your life as a blogger, you are likely to receive a question or comment that isn't exactly pleasing to read. it's not always the case, and i hope for you it's not, but rather lately, it has been for me on a few of the social media sites i have accounts with. the things that are said seem to interrogate, to discourage, to make me feel inadequate. and while i respond to them, after sometime, they start to get to me.

don't take a photo of this because it won't be considered real photography. don't reply to this tweet because then you'll seem a bit clingy. you can't post about that, she already did. and so on. the truth is: sticks and stones can break my bones, and words can hurt me, too. if the stick is the size of the hometree in Avatar, your bones will be powder. if the stone strongly resembles that of mount everest, you're a flapjack with extra sugar on top. and words can hurt just as much.

we're all influenced by what we see. what we hear. it can be for good in some cases, and in others, it can't. and as much as i hate to admit it, some of these things have influenced me. they've messed with my insides, twisting my mind into a knot that's hard to get out of. it pains me to see nameless, faceless people going from website to website finding something negative in a person's work. i don't know why they do it, and i'm not going to try and figure it out. but there is a point where enough is enough, and those thoughts that have been scrolling through my mind; it's enough.

so i'm writing this to say, darling, don't let them get you down. don't dwell on what they have to say and don't conform to their way of thinking. my mother once told me to let it roll of your back; like a duck, like a duck. because a duck's skin is so oily, the water that get's on them just rolls off without penetration. as they say: haters gonna hate. but you do what you want to do. even if the world doesn't collectively enjoy it.

so if you're receiving these derogatory attitudes, just know: that you don't have to respond. not for your honor, not for someone else's. the delete button is there, and not everyone has to see the garbage that someone is trying to dump on your doorstep. they may think that they won, but you know what? people can think whatever they want to. but we won't dare let them get us down. 

-kiss kiss kiss, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger-
{pea ess: off to camp for the week. i shall return on sunday! in the meantime, enjoy the posts i've scheduled for you.}


  1. Something you said really stuck out to me.
    "Nameless, Faceless".
    Think about that.
    They are picking on us/you because we HAVE a face. Because we DARE to show our names. They, under it all, are just jealous. We're the moon, bold bright, you can even see it on cloudy nights. It still shines through. And they are the stars. They could be great. They could be a great, big planet. But, they aren't. Clouds cover them up. They fit into the norm. The melt into the multitudes. And they try to belittle us. Because, it hey think if there wasn't a moon, then they could be wonderful too.

    But as long as they are stars, they will always be just like everybody else. They need to let go, because, being a star isn't all it's cracked up to be. If you are Jupiter, stop pretending to be a star. Call your self by your name. Show your face. Stop being an anonymous star.

    1. this is well-thought out and beautifully brought to life. i can see it clearly.

    2. Thank you. ^.^ you inspired it. :-)

    3. Ashley: you're a genius: a thought provoking, well-spoken, brilliant genius.

      (I can't say much more, really.)

    4. Very well said, Ashley! You used a wonderful analogy.

  2. Beautiful post, Jocee. You really encouraged me to let those words "roll of my back like a duck". :) Thank-you!

  3. rock on, jocee! i don't know what you're worried about... this post is pretty much perfection. oh, and that picture? gorgeous! you are so talented!

  4. you go girl! honestly, I've been wanting to tell you that I've been watching all those anon. comments through formspring and you handle them beautifully!

  5. This is really encouraging Jocee, in all seriousness. I think those anons can be so cruel- especially on formspring. They hide behind the front and then try to chip away at who you are, but you deal with them really well. :) Just remember that God made you who you are for a reason and He loves you no matter what, even if those anons don't.
    Kimmy x
    PS. For the record- I love you tweets :)

  6. this is so encouraging because i really needed this today. for that past week or so, i've been working on a post about authenticity and being true to who we are. then i thought "but so-and-so already wrote about that" yes they did. but the nice thing about being authentic is that we all can bring something new and different to the table because we all have a different perspective on things.

    Jocee, i love your photography. yes, i see many many photos of the golden hour and flowers and cupcakes all over the net, but you bring a new kind of life to those things. you freeze the beauty that you, individually, feel for that moment you've captured. gosh, you've come so far since 2011. your photography, writing skills, personality. you've grown so much and inspired so many people it's incredible. haters gonna hate, anons gonna hide, but God's gonna love you for eternity. that's where your worth is. not in people, not in blog-post-feedback, but in Him. remember that girl and don't ever forget it. you just keep going, keep running the race, cause i know you're going to win. ♥

  7. Wow. I'm so sorry that you've had problems like this!! :/ I personally haven't had problems with getting mean comments on my blog or anything, but if I ever do, I'll remember what you said here!!

    Keep your chin up, Joc! God bless!


  8. Great post girl! I love it! You are a very talented and inspiring writer. :)

  9. I LOOOVE THIS! It's so beautiful. I love the last line who write, "people can think whatever they want to. but we won't dare let them get us down." Way to go, girl! =)

  10. opps I meant, *you wrote*, not *who write*. Wow. I think I need some coffee.

  11. I admire your strength jocee...

  12. beautiful. this really sums it up. high five for another amazing post, Jocee. :)


  13. I was told quack, quack, quack, let it roll off your back. :)

  14. You are my inspiration. For everything. I feel like I can relate to every single thing you say, and we seem to have to same feelings about a lot of things. Gahh, why can't I just drive down to Austin? I'm planning on it. Well, when I get a car, and a driver's license.

  15. First, that shot of you is so absolutely gorgeous and so are you. And the light + flare? To die for.
    I haven't gotten a comment like this, yet, and I hope I won't but I know I will someday. Every time I see a mean comment on someone's blog I cringe and want to shake whoever wrote it. But really? They're cowards, hiding behind an anonymous tag, and they're just jealous. You're a successful blogger with so many followers and they're probably just jealous they aren't as good as you.
    Thank you for writing this, my dear. I'm going to bookmark it and come back to it if ever I need to.
    And stay strong. You're wonderful and amazing and I love you and your blog and your photography and your writing. <3

  16. thanks, mate. i did need this.
    and have a wonderful time at camp!

  17. you so inspire me jocee! this is so good...thank you, thank you, thank you! :)

  18. this is good, really really good. I agree wholeheartedly.

  19. dude. you never cease to amaze me. i started reading this, and i was like "this is a subject i've been trying to get out there for months." you did great, and i agree wholeheartedly.

    Also, there's this cool quote i found just last night that lines up with this... "You can be the ripest, juiciest peach in the world, and there's still going to be someone who hates peaches." - Dita Von Jeese

  20. LOVE this. I've gotten a few hater comments, but nothing major. To me, my "hater" is myself. I constantly tell myself I'm not good enough, I'm not doing the things I should be doing. I don't know why I do, but I do. Sometimes I'll sulk back and stop all things for a week until I regain some confidence. But other times I'll say "you know what satan? you don't own me."
    Love that picture too... you're so beautiful. :)

  21. I agree with every word you said, Jocee. These Anonymous people hide behind that label for one reason: They are cowards. They see a really good blogger who gets a batch full of nice comments and feel this spurt of envy. I know that feeling too. Instead of trying to be friendly and comment nicely, they hide behind Anonymous and lash out at us. Why? Because it will make them feel better about themselves. All they're doing is adding fuel to their own fire by commenting that way.

    You're right, the best thing to do is just to shake it off and press on. You're the celebrity, they're the envious fan.

  22. Honey girl, honey girl. You've got a way of putting things. This cheered ME up and I've never had a negative comment towards me. ever.

    You are so gifted with joy and happiness. Believe me, you have made this world better by your presence. Nothing gets you down. Just thought you oughta know...


  23. Jocee, Jocee. For the longest time I've seen those hateful Formspring questions you get and I've always wanted to say that I'm so proud of the way that you respond to them. It hurts my heart to see those people being hateful for no reason. You are beautiful. You are hilarious. You are wise. You are mature. You are caring. And you are epicly hypster and I like that. And I seriously mean every one of those things I just said.

    Abbie /// XOXOX


sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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