this is what life lately looks like for me.

{reading} a tree grows in brooklyn by betty smith. 
{listening} the fountain trickle below the school statue, and if i didn't know better.
{loving} this in-between weather and my great granddad's old suspenders [wait'll you see who i'm dressing up as next week].
{feeling} this poignant post by dearest-abigail-claire. 
{living} my life.

this is something a little different from the structure of my regular lately posts, and the credit goes to katie for giving me the idea. i realised that when i read, i don't just read, i absorb. it's so hard only borrowing books from the library because i so long to underline the passages that i enjoy and fold down the corners of the pages i want to remember. i do indulge myself in the latter, and that's why, when i'm done with a book, it's thickness is twice the size of when i first started it. guess what? i'm almost done with my second orchestral score. next week, i'll be in the articulation stage, which is where i put in dynamics and bowings and things to let the musicians know exactly how they're supposed to play my piece. i've been going to bed later than 11pm since last weekend and i've cried more times than i can count and it's only wednesday, but that's because the new ironman trailer came out and i can't seem to sort out my feelings after seeing that. i wish i had a close circle of friends that i could miss even though i haven't met them and it seems like everyone else does and i want that. i just want... i want a cupcake. that's what i want. i also want sleep.

but anyways. what's life lately looking like for you?
-kiss kiss kiss, you know i like to hear-
{pea ess: seriously, i am just a pile of blah and i apologise for the blah post. something with structure will be coming on friday. i can almost promise you that.}


  1. well, I can vouch for you that not everyone has the close circle of friends. Join the lonelies' club. ;) lovely photos, Jocee.

  2. i'm the exact same way with reading!!

    and i think sometimes is okay to be a little blah. helps us appreciate the moments when we're not~

    hang in there, darling. have a lovely thursday. xo

  3. this deserves an award. then again, pretty much all of your posts do. xo

  4. first off, these pictures are GORGEOUS. secondly, ohmygoshness I hope your score goes well; I wish I could hear it. thirdly, structured? what is this structured? who needs to be this strange word anyway? ;)

  5. Second and third shots are so pretty!
    You are NOT a pile of blah. This is GOOD!

    1. Also, I too have mixed feelings about Ironman 3 -- GAH.

  6. But you know what, lovely? I've found life rarely has true structure. When we get into a routine it's really only a 'this is normal' feeling that is constantly changing, because when are things that same? Rarely does anyone has everything figured out, and I can't help but think that's the beauty of life, the mystery and the high and low and the unexpected and the dreaded. Regardless, I hope things begin looking up for you, and I love you, and I can't believe you're an orchestral person thing majig. That makes me incredibly proud.

  7. I'm sorry you have been having a hard time. It's no fun being lonely. I hope things cheer up for you soon.


    That book looks interesting, now I may have to read it. <3

  8. ohjoceethisiswaytoogood. i mean, LOOK AT THOSE PHOTOS. (okay, so i know you've already seen them, but look at them again and say to yourself 'did i actually take these? why yes. i did. and they're GORGEOUS.' k? k.)

    anywhoo. i'm up to nothing much... i guess you could say i'm busy organizing photos beacause i have WAAAY too many recen photos and i need to post more of them soon; also, fall is the best and i've been taking lots of photos of autumnal things and food and the like. it's all good.

    xx from england,


  9. life is pretty mundane... but I'm trying to be intentional in how I live :)

  10. Hmm, you gave me an idea. Whenever I get a book of my own, I try to keep it as new as possible. No markings, no folded corners, no nothing. I should start underlining funny things, quotes, etc. Great idea...*thinks*
    Your life right now is similar to mine. {Except for the fact that I have a sleeping schedule and I can't even think about staying up past 9.}
    Be yourself,

  11. katie is very inspiring, i agree.
    so are you.
    who needs structure? i loved this, jocee.

  12. Jocee,
    I think this is perfect just the way it is without "structure". I like how through your writing, I can picture your personality. The post is so simple and lovely. I quite like it.

    My life as of late has been hectic and lovely altogether. (I actually wrote a post about it.)
    Right now, I am a bit under the weather. I feel horrible, but I'm not going to let that put a damper on my mood. (It also helps to listen to "Home" by Phillip Phillips. Oh geez, that song is good.)
    ---->> Gorgeous post, dearie! <3


  13. your posts make me smile, whether they can be considered "structured" or not. you rock, lady, end of story. :]

    p.s. - do you have a goodreads account? if so, you should let us know so that way those of us who have accounts can indulge in being your friend. :]

  14. These photos are so gorgeous!
    xo Heather

  15. Thank-you for sharing my words, you. Spend a night reading yourself to sleep this weekend. It does wonders.
    Also, something I've learned: Structure is a bunch of crap. Write what you feel. And present it how you understand it, even if it's not coherent to others. You have something to say and you're the only one who can say it. Incredible, right?

    1. this is officially my manifesto. thank you, dearie. you never cease to inspire. :)

  16. I have been feeling very blah recently. Not sleeping, feeling over-emotional, not blogging because I'm finding it too much of a struggle. Gah. Life.
    Who needs structure :) It's good to shake things up
    Kimmy x

  17. life is life, and i guess all we can do is endure it *sigh* but oh well, thank you for sharing. these are absolutely wonderful photos and thoughts (nobody really needs structure!) xx


sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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