awe, carolyn // portraits.

this is carolyn, also know as care-bear (because she cares and the care-bears were basically my childhood along with veggietales and curly fries), also known as "awe, you're so cute. gimme a hug!" i've known her for my entire life, along with her sisters, rachel and jessica. they are all my best friends. one of my favourite memories is hanging out at their old apartment and playing house (carolyn was always the baby because i couldn't understand a word she said) and the countless sleepovers we had almost every weekend. i can't remember not knowing her, because with some people, you just grow up with them. carolyn's a good listener, a good influence, and she's just short enough to be my personal headrest. yes, that needed to be said. but anyway, on the first day of december, at a church ladies' meeting, we had a 10 minute photoshoot in the front yard. she's almost 14, and she's growing up to be such a beautiful young woman. and besides that, one cannot not photograph a messy bun. but not to ramble. i just love carolyn bunches.

so here's to care-bear. we seriously need to have a sleepover soon. and watch mean girls. over and over and over.
-kiss kiss kiss, care for the bear-


  1. I love these Jocee! you're so talented with capturing people. I love her hair and glasses. friends that you don't remember not knowing them are the best, I have two. I used to be taller then most of my friends and I could use them as my head rests or arm rests. now all these seventh graders to it back to me now 'cause well I'm a shorty now. xx

  2. the one where her scarf is flying. umm perfect!! these are beautful Jocee :)

  3. Carebear.. That's too cute.
    I love her little topknot!

  4. she's got such an adorable big smile. (=

  5. Carolyn, you are so gorgeous! I would love to have a beautiful smile like yours. :D

  6. heeeeyyyyy, gorgoeus! you captured this girl brilliantly. and some vsco film action? OH yes.

    this is a heartfelt, happy, bright, colourful, cheery set of photos jocee and i'm in love with them.



  7. Carolyn is positively the most adorablest. Great photos! <3

  8. Oh gosh, she's almost 14!? That means she's 13...? The same age as me...? Woaaah, she's gorgeous. I thought she was the same age as you, Jocee! (Well now I know that I look younger than my age if she's 13. Question answered, my good friends (on Goodreads), question answered. We were discussing whether we looked young or old for our age...XD)

    But really, she looks really pretty.

    Smile. It looks good on you.

  9. ps THE GLASSES. oh yes, THE GLASSES.

    basically, her glasses are brilliant.

    xo, acacia (again.)

  10. ohh I'm in love with her style! she's so beautiful and these pictures are lovely! :) xoxo

  11. Lovely photos, Jocee! She's really pretty :)Sounds like you two have a great friendship :)
    Kimmy x


sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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