how to waste your life by johanna grace

 + Lock yourself away, so that you never see the light of day or the dark of night.
 + Avoid contact with other humans at all cost. You never know what sort of germs they might have.
 + Don't exercise too much because you'll mess up your joints.
 + Don't ever fall in love, because it will break your heart.
 + Try not to be afraid of anything, because that causes stress.
 + On second thought, be afraid of everything, something might be a trap.
 + Make sure your words are perfect, that you never take something back
 + Promise to be careful, so that you never have to lack.
 + And lastly, never take chances to do the things you love, because you might mess up and that would be too bad.

You know what, scratch all of that, who cares about being comfortable? I want to love deeply, and hurt badly. I want to laugh late at night while the world sleeps soundly. I want to feel the drastic rainbow of emotions us humans have. I want to climb a mountain and feel my lungs scream but keep going, because it hurts. I want skinned knees that prove where I've been and that I don't know where I'm going next. I want my heart to break and then for it to heal. I want to trip on words and stories until I get them right. Because I can feel and that means I'm alive. There's a heart in my chest, beating a rhythm of song, what can I do but dance along?

How to waste your life: don't live it.

xoxo Johanna Grace

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  1. this is a really great post, johanna.

  2. That last line: so powerful & so true. I want to feel the whole scope of human emotion because that's what it means to be alive. Amen.

  3. This really touches my heart.

  4. and this was perfect.

  5. How to waste your life: don't live it.

    Super powerful words, in all their glorious simplicity.
    This post made me laugh! But also take it seriously. Because half of the time my mindset is the "rules" you gave, and that would result in me not living my life, which is bad bad bad.

  6. omigoshomigoshomifreakinggosh. are you kidding me? this?? this is so. I don't even have a word: beautiful, inspiring, powerful, amazing, perfect, awesome, fantastic. all those in one.

    you just rock, okay?



  7. Simple but powerful! I appreciate this post very much. Thank you Johana!

  8. Thank you Johana for such simple and powerful words

  9. This was so beautiful. Simply perfect! I am now following you, Johanna Grace!

  10. I AM IN AWE OF YOUR PHOTOGRAPHY. those pictures are STUNNING! great post. :)

  11. this is incredible. this pretty much sums up what I've been thinking about lately, in words that never did come to me. bravo, johanna! you are fantastic and your words + stills are likewise beautiful. xx

  12. sometimes, even though i hate running, i do it (and really fast too, short sprints or whatever) so i can feel what it's like to be tired. and i've come to like that, since i've been working out more. but the best part is, you feel yourself. you feel your insides (the heart) working rapidly and tending to you to make sure you're okay. and i hate running but i love that feeling. i think being alive is something we should physically feel as well as other aspects of "allys" (mentally, emotionally, etc). beautiful, and your photography is legitsauce. thanks for guesting. :) <3

  13. WHAT EVEN... I can't tell you how powerful this was... gosh I love it.


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