sixteen before sixteen

remember this one? again, if you don't, pretend you do. 
in the event of my turning fifteen, i figured i should make a sixteen before sixteen list. because, why not? and also because i didn't exactly finish everything on the first list, so, without further ado, as first inspired by kara, and also inspired by gracie and amanda.

{16 before 16}
>> 1. try starbuck's peppermint mocha. done-ish & truly done
>> 2. own a canon rebel t3i // or canon 5d mark ii. done
>> 3. buy a real legit record album {preferably this and this}. done
>> 4. make macarons
>> 5. buy a maxi dress
>> 6. complete one of my books
>> 7. buy a mustard yellow sweater
>> 8. buy something from here and here.
>> 9. paint something on canvas. done
>> 10. go on a crafting spree {of sorts}. done
>> 11. start a recipe journal
>> 12. embroider something. done
>> 13. have a Jane Austen movie marathon. done
>> 14. start a scrapbook. done
>> 15. be nice to my sister for a whole day {this will take some preparing for}. done
>> 16. eat more vegetables. done

i have 354 days to complete this. and so it begins. again.
^^ this is just a random photo of my nails painted. mommy says it'll give me inspiration to redo my nails. so, this is kind of an experiment. if you like, scratch this bit.

-kiss kiss kiss, hug lucy vanpelt- << i dare you.
{pee ess: a little birdy told me something about a 300 follower giveaway somewhere in the future.. i think this birdy is psychic.}


  1. That's so neat that we're both turning sixteen next year. ;)

    Your blog is lovely, Miss Jocee!

  2. Oh, such a great list!! I'm hoping to get mine up before the new year. :) Actually, you and i have a few things in common on this list! I like the pictures!! Oh, and the feather drawing from the other day!
    Lovely, dear!

    -Lindsey Lou

  3. Oh you MUST try the peppermint mocha. Like, right away! It's amazing.:)

    I love your list! You've inspired me to do something similar...

  4. i love this idea. Maybe I'll make a list like this, a mini bucket list?

    that little birdy must be psychic, because i am, and I definitely see one in the near future♥

  5. What a great list! :) I want to start a recipe journal too. I asked for one for Chirstmas. :)

  6. Love this post, Jocee. I'm sorry that I've been such a terrible commenter lately. Chastise me. I deserve it.

    Anyway, I might need to steal this idea for a post. Only I'd have to do eighteen before eighteen. But that just makes me feel old.

    Have a beautiful day!


  7. um...um.... ummmm...
    You haven't tried the peppermint mocha? It's the most amazingwonderfuldeliciousdelectablelipsmacking drink in the wholeentireworld. you must try it. lol!
    I LOVED number fifteen. Except I'd have to be that way to all six of my siblings. That takes a lot of preparing for! :)

  8. Sounds like a great list! What are you planning to prepare to be nice to your sister? XD Blog about it XD

  9. I love having goals like these! You go girl!! You can do it :)

    much love♥

    p.s. your blog makes me happy. just thought you should know that ;)

  10. #1. do it. right now.
    amazingwonderfuldeliciousdelectablelipsmacking - agreed.

  11. This is a good idea!
    P.s... Number 15 made me smile. :)

  12. thanks for the song info :) i love 'She & Him' soooo very much :) lol


sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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